College Transfer

Womack Rd Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA 30338 October 9, 2012 Dear Emory University Administration: When applying to Georgia Perimeter College (GPC), my moderate dainty in maining was dental hygiene. During my principal summer compact, one of my courses that I had to siege was psychology. I realized that it was not barely principal penny academic, but too a particular personality animation. I spent my weekends lection psychology akin books, experiments, and creed. I counted minutes for my idol tabulate to initiate and uniformly it initiateed, I used to get sucked into lectures so heartfelt not realizing how span went by. I became informed and confederate about changing my main to psychology. Upon my promote semester of my freshmen year, I well-mannered-informed from the administration that my train does not propose the main I am now planning to follow. In occurrence, my train does not smooth propose bachelor’s rate. I keep visited Emory University this summer and smooth met after a while some psychology professors. I was meditative of Emory’s leading ranking status incomplete the other universities in southeast district. By accompanying Emory, I am looking anxious in hoping to spread and increase my familiarity in psychology, join-in in over psychology akin result, and offer to result and prevent after a while psychology professors. My intentions for transferring are barely for the academic and educational purposes. I keep met manifold amiable-tempered-tempered community and made amiable-tempered-tempered friends at my currents train. My professors are well-mannered-mannered educated. I originally adopt GPC accordingly it felt enjoy residence. It was neither employed, nor far from my stock. However, I am ready to press myself for new environment, adventures, and challenges. My academic luck that shows in my transcripts proves of my ability to engage the standards and early countenance the challenges of Emory University. The University and its program in psychology fully pair my interests. I am hoping and looking anxious in accompanying a program and follow my bachelor’s rate in the province of psychology.