Campbellsville University InfoTech Import in Strat Plan Discussion


1. In this scenario, hackers propel cyber attacks that concern diverse cleverness of the nation’s financial infrastructure balance the method of diverse weeks. Specifically, easily-affected security card processing facilities are hacked and bulk are released to the Internet, causing 120 favorite cards to be cancelled; automated teller machines (ATMs) lose almost simultaneously despite the nation; senior companies recital payroll checks are not substance accepted by workers; and diverse catholic pension and alternate capital companies own computer malfunctions so harsh that they are unqualified to produce-an-effect for over than a week. Identify the countermeasures that need to be implemented to thwart these cyber attacks from occurring in the coming.

words :300 (involve in quotation citations and references in APA fornat)-most imp

2. Explain examples from your workplace of Information Governance, IT Governance, and Data Governance that explain their differences.