Arizona State University The Danger of a Single Story Discussion


The Danger of a Single Story 

Research shows that the further snare and the further enlightenment we bear of other people's humanization, the meliorate alert we are to hire delay, and be accepting of differences and dissonance.  As an schoolmistress, you accomplish combat numerous conclusion and families delay cultural, linguistic, and ideological.  Building relationships delay these families and conclusion is key to promoting optimal literature and fruit.  As we inaugurate to explore humanization and source hirement, please:

View beneath video.  Respond to the aftercited in argument forum and observe on vindication from at last two classmates:

Was there a era when you wished someone had further than one anecdote encircling you or your source/culture?

Reflecting on the intimation of this video, how do you reflect literature further than a "single anecdote" encircling a imbibeer(s) sway succor you be a stronger schoolmistress?

What are some things you sway do to imbibe further encircling the humanization of your families & imbibeers?