In a minimum 250 words, write a paragraph that answers the following questions:

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What does the word “literacy” mean to you?

How does Gee define discourse?

What is a discourse “identity kit”?

Why does Gee believe that discourses are “inherently ideological”?

Do you agree with him? Disagree? Both? Why? (Use examples and explain)


Do some research on “learning vs. acquisition.” You can look for the terms together, separately, or both. In a minimum 250 words answer the following questions:

What did you learn about the difference between acquisition and learning? How does it compare to what Gee says?

What is something you have learned? How do you know?

What is something that you have acquired? Would it be difficult to learn? Why or not? (explain and use examples)


For your post,  find a professional association connected to your career/discourse community that you will write about for your Project 1, and give a proper citation in the format that you will use for your paper. Next, explore the page and describe the kinds of topics discussed. After that, go to your prompt for project 1 and explain which questions this web page can help you answer. Some examples of professional associations are:

The National Association of Social Workers, The United Deputy Sheriff’s Association, International Association of Marriage and Family Councelors, etc. 

Just about every career you can think of has a professional association connected to it (often many) , so your job is to find yours, explore, and see how the information can help you to successfully complete project one. 

4. In a minimum 250-word post, discuss what stood out to you most about this reading. What parts of the article could you relate to and why? What did you disagree with and why? End your post by connecting Dumas’s story to what you know about discourse communities. How can this concept help us to better understand her experience? 

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