Let’s say you are teaching a class of students in middle school, age around 10-11 (English as a second language). At this point in time, COVID is still an issue and suddenly, due to a case of COVID being confirmed in your school, all classes have to move from face-to-face to online mode overnight. You have a 40-minute English lesson with your class first period tomorrow morning. The focus of this lesson is vocabulary learning.

State two practical preparatory actions you will take in order to get ready for the vocabulary-focused English lesson with the class of your choice. Also explain why you will take these actions to prepare for this overnight ‘pivot’ from face-to-face to online class in order to make your online lesson as effective as possible in the circumstances.

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You may refer to a variety of resources, platforms and tools here to help you develop your preparations, but please do not simply list these. Any resources or tools you refer to should support students’ learning and be purposefully used.


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