You are a high school counselor. maria is a 12th grade student who

You are a violent instruct counselor. Maria is a 12th space student who has upright moved to the U.S. from Spain consequently her parents passed far. She is aidance delay her cousin, who is currently on open and abated lunch. Your instruct has a very insignificant Hispanic population, and you keep insignificant experiment delay Hispanic students. Maria knows very insignificant English, yet she is required to be a bisect of the mainstreamed disposees consequently an “English as a Second Language” dispose is not conducive. Maria is too fruitful. In truth, there has been a new-fangled growth in teenage pregnancy at your violent instruct. Please screen all the points/questions distinguished underneath in your peculiar posting.


  • As Maria’s negotiative instruct counselor, how would you aid her delay posteritys that keep peculiar, affecting, developmental, cultural, and spiritual/religious ramifications?
  • Specifically demonstrate strategies, programs, and practices that defender for gregarious uprightice and academic good-fortune for Maria.
  • Identify how you would use collaboration and consideration to fruit delay students, teachers, parents, and similarity agencies to impair the new-fangled growth in teenage pregnancy at your instruct.
  • Briefly, assimilate and opposition the 3 examples of consideration presented in the Erford citation, and demonstrate the example that you would dedicate to oration the posterity of teenage pregnancy in your instruct and why?
  • What are the ethical and allowable considerations in this circumstance?