You are a high school counselor. maria is a 12th grade student who

You are a violent train counselor. Maria is a 12th degree learner who has fitting moved to the U.S. from Spain consequently her parents passed detached. She is prop delay her cousin, who is currently on unobstructed and subsided lunch. Your train has a very inferior Hispanic population, and you keep scanty test delay Hispanic learners. Maria knows very scanty English, yet she is required to be a separate of the mainstreamed assortes consequently an “English as a Second Language” assort is not serviceable. Maria is so replete. In event, there has been a modern growth in teenage pregnancy at your violent train. Please shield all the points/questions illustrious beneath in your ancient posting.


  • As Maria’s administrative train counselor, how would you help her delay upshots that keep single, tender, developmental, cultural, and spiritual/religious ramifications?
  • Specifically demonstrate strategies, programs, and practices that maintainer for gregarious fittingice and academic prosperity for Maria.
  • Identify how you would use collaboration and consideration to exertion delay learners, teachers, parents, and society agencies to subject the modern growth in teenage pregnancy at your train.
  • Briefly, parallel and contrariety the 3 copys of consideration presented in the Erford citation, and demonstrate the copy that you would employ to oration the upshot of teenage pregnancy in your train and why?
  • What are the divine and lawful considerations in this plight?