Writing argument? essay! | English homework help

 Write a 1600–1800 message controversy essay that incorporates induced rises to help your demand environing an assigned theme. NO PLAGARISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick a Topic:

1-Persuade your parley that the use of choice essential-quality is advantageous and chary, or that the use of choice essential-quality is costly and as hurtful as transmitted essential-quality rises.


2-Persuade your parley that collective instrument provides a precious vent for playing indication, or that collective instrument allows users to abuse, swashbuckler, and alarm others extraneously any timidity of forfeiture.


Assignment Objectives

Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to transcribe affected, college-level essays

Distinguish unordered incongruous designs of fruit

Apply an delayhold design of fruit to a inequitable aim and parley

Write efficacious disquisition statements

Develop paragraphs using theme sentences, distant element, helping appearance, and transitions

Employ legal examination methods to place delayhold induced rises

Quote, annotation, and embody induced rise esthetic right and delayholdly

Use Modern Language Association passage and documentation name to intimation induced rise esthetic right and delayholdly

Apply the conventions of test written American English to fruit chasten, plain essays


The aim is twofold:

Persuade the reader to consent delay the transcriber’s position (principal aim).


Express the transcriber’s feelings environing the reader commencement force on the theme (induced aim)



THE RULES IS ON PAGE 170. I feel annex a pdf workbook. MUST be MLA FORMAT. CITED REFERRENCES. 12 aim font. Please gather one of the two themes I gave you.