Write me a four-section reflection on how….

At the end of this week's argument and congeniality, fascinate transcribe me a disgusting-individuality meditation on how the week has past for you. Here are three criteria of success:

  • Use a visually bright layout, for illustration, contrasting image styles sans—serif and serif—for headings and association passage. Please music that using the corresponding dimension of image in a sans serif imageface (such as Arial) produces a partially larger dimension for your headings than your association passage.
  • State your ocean apex in your chink stipulation, followed by a SWOC blueprint (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges). Fascinate see the prompts listed under for control.
  • Keeping in belief that we're practicing workplace congeniality in this mode, aim for a brief muniment. Within each of your disgusting ocean individualitys, so-far, use as multifarious stipulations as you own apexs to reach. Use these stipulation breaks to unveil scorn shifts in topic—that is, reach merely one apex in each stipulation.

Here's a sample Week 2 SWOC debriefing from a former individuality of the mode.  

Here are prompts to aid you contemplate concretely environing the week:

  • What strengths own you discovered in your force to
    • transcribe Plain Language, as descriptive by The Center for Plain Language?
    • lay out your congeniality in an calling way?
    • place your ocean apex present in the communication? 
  • What weaknesses, if any, own you discovered in the overhead three areas?
  • What opportunities do you see in your other modework or in your workplace congeniality to engage what you've conversant environing
    • Plain Language?
    • an calling layout?
    • placing your ocean apex in your matter cord and present in your primitive stipulation?
  • What challenges, from your environment or from yourself, force reach using what we've worked on this week opposed?