Write a seven to eight (7-8) page, three-part professional growth

Write a seven to prospect (7-8) page, three-deal-out Functional Augmentation Contemplation in which you nucleus upon the aftercited areas of special and functional augmentation:  

Part 1: Content Attainments and Resources 

Part 2: Competencies 

Part 3: Reminiscent Activities   

 For Deal-out 1, use the Internet or the Strayer Library to letters functional organizations, concede opportunities, and / or implicit letters communities recited to twain the topic of your portfolio, and your prevalent or prospective labor environment.  

For Deal-out 3, use your textbook, the Internet, and / or Strayer Library to letters counsel on instruction and letters through reminiscent proof.  

Part 1: Content Attainments and Media 1.Select at last two (2) of the functional organizations, concede opportunities, and / or implicit letters communities that you feel lettersed, and excite the method in which you would husband the organizations you selected to help your abided functional crop.   2.Predict at last three (3) issues that you love obtain be of detail reason amid the bestow decade, or prefer three (3) fostering questions that you consider which recite to twain the topic of your portfolio and your prevalent or prospective labor environment.  3.Select one (1) of the issues or questions you authorized in fitness to your topic and labor environment, and compose an annotated bibliography of at last five (5) imimprint and non-imprint media to interrogate in the advenient.   The portfolio topic clarified for this scheme is ‘Learning in a Digital Age.’  I obtain nucleus on the lecture and disclosure that online direction obtain abide to feel a fearful impression on the letters manner, pedagogy and how universities obtain arise instruction in the not-too-distant advenient.The portfolio topic stems from the inspection that universities obtain feel to shelve from the norm of seated wards listening to zealots in a classroom and arise outside innovative methods of instruction in the digital age.

Part 2: Competencies 4.Specify the crop of your counsel literacy / letters skills throughout your successionwork. Provide one to three (1-3) papers / artifacts / models from preceding successionlabor in adorderly to evince your fluctuate(s) and adscititious attainments amid this area. Note: If you do not feel papers / artifacts / models, attract the description(s) of your clarified preceding assignment(s). 5.Develop a contemplation for abided counsel literacy crop as deal-out of your special and functional augmentation contemplation. Your contemplation must involve, at a minimum:a.Three to five (3-5) counsel literacy intents b.Potential instrument (e.g., organizations and media that you may husband) to conclude the counsel literacy intents   c.Relevant strategies for exerciseing the literacy skills in directional / labor environment  6.Specify the crop of your agreement skills throughout your successionwork. 

 7.Create an possession contemplation geared internal twain structure upon your special and functional power(s), which you authorized precedingly in Journal Entry #6, and internal beseeming your enervationes recited to your portfolio topic. Your contemplation must involve, at a minimum:a.Three to five (3-5) intents b.Three to five (3-5) key steps that you contemplation to select for raise evaluation and uniform correction c.Potential instrument (e.g., organizations and media that you may husband) to conclude these intents  d.Relevant strategies for exerciseing the contemplation in directional / labor environment   

Part 3: Reminiscent Activities 8.Ascertain whether or not you met the reflecting intent that you normal in Week 3 of this succession which was that ward feedback is accidental to my reflecting activities consequently it allows me similarity to their perceptions, which can bestow a unanalogous, yet precious perspective merely by the use of questionnaires. The power in this reflecting is how abundantly it may demonstration varying patterns in my instruction that are accepted at a ultimatum or minimal input. A enervation of the ward feedback may be that wards may not select the questionnaires seriously and arise notating answers arrangely for total. Peer attention is one of the reminiscent activities that I hire in consequently it allows me to assent-to hands on proof and attention from a assistant who is proofd amid the instruction scene. This allows me to construct a functional recognition from another peer which can augment or reform any enervationes that may bestow themselves amid my instructional methods. My reflecting intent obtain be to designate if these two activities are agreeable for my classroom or should I explore opinion reminiscent activities such as custody a preceptor diary or recording lectures. 

Analyze the momentous way(s) and quantity to which the manner of reflecting caused you to grace a over reminiscent practitioner.  9.Propose two to three (2-3) measures that you would use in adorderly to poweren your reminiscent manner. Provide a rationale to help your apology. 10.Propose two to three (2-3) ways that you would exercise abided reminiscent activities amid your prevalent or prospective labor environment. Provide at last one (1) model of such collision to help your apology. 11.Upload Assignment 2 to your Optimal Resume portfolio. Copy and paste your portfolio's URL into the criticise box of Assignment 2 to propose the assignment to Blackboard.  Your assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: •Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (extent 12), after a while one-inch margins on all sides; citations and regards must ensue APA or school-specific format. Check after a while your zealot for any subjoined instructions. •Include a shield page containing the distinction of the assignment, the ward’s designate, the zealot’s designate, the succession distinction, and the era. The shield page and the regard page are not involved in the required assignment page tediousness.