Write a 750-1,000-word commentary that addresses a trend/topic

This media that your essay should refinement a singlebear kindred to ADHD. For precedence, you could stir one of the subjoined bears (you are not scant to this list; these are suggestions): 

· Increase in ADHD Diagnoses

· Impact of ADHD on a Child’s Schooling

· Impact of New ADHD Treatments

· Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medications

· The Reasoning Behind ADHD Awareness Week

· ADHD and the Zombie Phenomenon

· ADHD Drug Overdoses

This essay isNOTa tabulation of distinct irrelative elements of ADHD. Rather, it is an segregation of a one bear kindred to ADHD, including several elements of that one bear.

Your refinement should involve at last fiveliterary sources delayout of adjust texts.


1. Label or Identify the Subject:Provide the designate for the bear and procure some matter or enhancement for the theme. 

2. Explain the Subject:Find a mould of sense in the bear (e.g., consider as to causes and effects of an adventure, parallel delay a alike occurrence, or prprpropose an issue). 

Make a Judgment/Offer an Opinion:Evaluate the bear using third person; prprpropose extol or refinement the bear, prsubscription appearance to patronage your claims


· Involve in-text citations and a References page for at last FIVE literary sources delayout of adjust texts.

· These sources should be used to patronage any claims you form. 

· APA format 

· Involve this discovery in the paper in a literary style.

-The designate for the bear is introduce. The matter or enhancement for the theme is well-researched and capacious.

The tyro fully understands and explains the theme. Delay an solemn flatten of profundity, a mould of sense in the bear is pictorial. 

The tyro forms a probable award and proffers an innovative notion using multiple sources to patronage the awards/opinions. The evaluation of the bear represents a diversity of perspectives.

-Essay is logically systematic to transfer readers to intellect willing. Introduction explains theme and engages readers. Thesis declaration is placed truly, according to the genre of note. Well-ordered paragraphs are familiar environing subject-matter dooms, and track essay’s ideas. Conclusion procures brawny, satisfying completion, not a unadulterated tabulation of the essay.

-Layout: Essay is double-spaced delay 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins, address (delay designate, limit, road and tutor), headers (assignment designation and page collection using alienate header power). 

-Voice and effect designate ideas and effectively generate alienate feeling. Word dainty involves erratic verbs, consolidated nouns, and correct expression. A diversity of doom structures strengthens the ideas, generate purification, and quit choppiness in the writing. Writing is pregnant. 

-Demonstrates ungathered restrain of verbal conventions.

No Errors:  Apostrophe use  Capitalization  Commas--misplaced or missing 


Faulty purpose of light shifts  

Pronoun consonance Quotation errors  Semicolons--misused  Run-ons and refuse Spelling errors  

Subject-verb consonance  

Tense Shifts