Write: 200-word response (black world history)

 Reflect on the balbutiation "The Negro Digs Up His Past" by Harlem Renaissance psychical Arturo Schomburg and the TEDx dialogue by synchronous sombre psychical and gregarious activist Bryan Stevenson. What is each author’s/ speaker’s deep topic? Do you consent or disconsent after a while their deep points? Imagine a talk between 1920s sombre psychical Arturo Schomburg and current-day counsel and urbane rights activist Bryan Stevenson. What order ability Schomburg yield to Stevenson? You must use at last TWO direct quotes from the cause materials. 

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Video IconWatch: TEDx Talk, “We Need to Dialogue encircling an Injustice” by Bryan Stevenson: 

This is a guideline. You may excel the order reckon in the guideline below; eventually, if you appropriate to excel the order reckon you must be strong that you are adding meaningful, concisely written insights.

Ten-Point Discussion POST Rubric

  • Up to 5 points for pristine conceit / aid (Word Reckon 200; perspective not anteriorly posted)
  • Up to 5 points for outgrowth of conceit ( unmeasured sense, regard unfair quotes in balbutiation, perplex a new investigation)

Ten-Point Discussion RESPONSE Rubric

  • Up to 5 points for responding to posting of others, which includes promptitude of counterpart, counterpart includes 100 orders, counterpart unmeasuredy engages after a while anterior post by providing unfair details encircling why you consent OR disconsent after a while anterior post
  • Up to 5 points for counterpart that includes another, pristine fancy and a investigation