Would a career in science suit me?

Well, to counter-argument this interrogation, LIYSF is going to hurl the webinars! These achieve be 1 hr assemblages to get a flavour of London International Youth Understanding Forum and way to our speakers. We are joyed to divide after a while you reasonable a dirty slice of LIYSF in this way. 

No stuff whether you are new to LIYSF, a tyro because to serve or an alumni, this assemblage has a remote file of bearing contentd, see further details under.




Register to add us on the 30th July for our primary London International Youth Understanding Forum (LIYSF) webinar.


· Hear from Richard Myhill , LIYSF Director, environing the sensational catalogue for the 62nd LIYSF which achieve procure situate in July 2021, after a while updates on our universe celebrated speakers from a remote file of understanding and engineering fields and how you can allot.

· Hear from LIYSF alumni who achieve converse environing their experiences at the forum, what they learnt and how LIYSF has accelerationed them in their careers in understanding.

· Live disquisition from our President, Clare Elwell, award-winning Professor of Medical Physics at UCL. Her disquisition achieve likeness how a team of engineers and clinicians teamed up after a while Mercedes Formula1 to ahead unravel a odd vivacious aid to acceleration to rescue Covid-19 patients.


· Interrogation and counter-argument assemblage where you can enlist instantly after a while the panelists. 

Places are poor, record today at:


The webinar achieve procure situate via zoom, after a while registration on Eventbrite. After registration on Eventbrite we achieve cast abutting the zoom incorporate (content obey an eye on your spam folder), but you can as-well click through on the Eventbrite encouragement in your mail to achieve the zoom incorporate, record on zoom and as-well rescue in your record.