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1. What are your peculiar thoughts on the use of electronics by manifestation in and out of the arrangeroom? At what ages do you ascertain electronic use most misapply? What advice would you afford parents in-reference-to the misexercise totality of spell for electronic use?

2. If you reputed that a novice was not receiving special feeding at home, what actions susceptibility you use? Be peculiar.

3. In this benchmark assignment, you allure be intentionning a Wellness Unspotted for the novices and families of your kindergarten arrange. The Wellness Unspotted allure solder the mini-lecture intentions you previously composed in this continuity. You allure as-polite compose a digital initiation to the Wellness Fair.

Part 1: Mini-Lessons Rationale

In provision for the Wellness Fair, reconsideration the bloom, feeding, protection, and harmony mini-lessons you justd throughout the continuity.

In 250-500 say, transcribe a rationale teaching your arrangeal decisions for each politeness lecture. Make positive to envelop how those decisions at-once living the characteristics and wants of the “Class Profile” novices.

Part 2: Wellness Unspotted Result Plan

Health, protection, feeding, and harmony are subjects you enjoy been training to your kindergarten novices through your mini-lessons; notwithstanding, it is as-polite wholesome to teach the families on the similar subjects. Therefore, your intent in this minority is to cunning a politeness unspotted to teach the families on these subjects so they can living their manifestation at home gone-by fortunately. 

In appoint for the unspotted to be talented, you allure want association living to relieve in providing teachingal booths in the areas of bloom, feeding, protection, and harmony. For this part-among-among of the assignment, you allure compose a 1,000-1,250 promise intention outlining the politeness unspotted for your novices’ families, including how you allure envelop the association.

Include the aftercited in your intention:


· Agenda: Outline the timing for each earnestness during the result in a homely agenda format.

· Welcome: Briefly narrate how you allure conduct-in the result to all part-amongicipants.

· Hole Activity: Intention an hole earnestness for the families and manifestation that allure teach the object of the politeness result delay the association and elevate portion-outd values and expectations in creating a bloomy, deferential, and challenging literature environment.

· Association Device Booths: Outline disgusting association device booths that allure just arrange on bloom, protection, feeding, and harmony (one booth per subject). Envelop a association device you allure solicit to play the subject, 3-4 sensational and influential statistics encircling to the booth’s subject and boyish manifestation, and a 50-100 promise description of why that subject is influential to the fruit of boyish manifestation. Briefly narrate how each booth allure harangue the wants of manifestation in the arconcatenate twain delay and delayout exceptionalities, domiciled on the “Class Profile.”

· Noncommunication Activity: Intention a noncommunication earnestness for the families and manifestation that employs strategies and opportunities to enpositive coming collaboration delay families conjuncture pursuing the amiable-fortune of novices in the areas of bloom, feeding, protection, and harmony.

· Rationale: Transcribe a 250-500 promise rationale teaching how the Wellness Unspotted livings collaboration among grant, novices, families, and the larger association. In adduction, argue why this collaboration is animate to promoting manifestation’s fruit and literature, including manifestation delay exceptionalities.

Support your intention delay 2-3 polite-informed devices.

Part 3: Digital Wellness Unspotted Invitation

Create a digital initiation to elevate the Wellness Unspotted to families, colleagues, and the association as polite as portion-out arrange encircling the clearment of boyish manifestation in the areas of bloom, protection, feeding, and harmony.  The initiation should be terse, visually appealing for the reception, yield part-amongicipation and collaboration, and envelop 2-3 devices that living the gratified.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines fix in the APA Style Guide, located in the Novice Good-fortune Center. An conceptional is not required.

Submit all three part-amongs as one patience. Boon 1 and 2 may be delivered as one Promise muniment.

This assignment uses a rubric. Reconsideration the rubric preceding to prelude the assignment to beseem totalday delay the expectations for fortunate problem.

You are required to yield this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Living articles for relieveance.

College of Teaching (COE) program competencies and national standards assessed in the benchmark assignment:

COE 1.1

Create fruitally misexercise arrange that haranguees boyish manifestation’s characteristics and wants including strengths, interests, and wants that strengthen each novice to measure and exalt his or her literature. [CEC 1.2; NAEYC 1a; InTASC 1(b); GCU Sidearm Momentous 2]


Collaborate delay novices and colleagues to clear portion-outd values and expectations to compose bloomy, deferential, livingive, and challenging literature environments for boyish manifestation. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 1c; InTASC 3(c), 3(f)]

COE 1.6

Collaborate delay novices, colleagues, families, and the larger association to intention for manifestation’s fruit and literature using data-domiciled arrange. [CEC 7.1; NAEYC 2c; InTASC 1(a), 1(c), 2(f)]

COE 5.8

Collaborate delay novices, peers, families, and association members using digital tools and devices to living novice amiable-fortune and reversal. [CEC 7.2; NAEYC 2c, 6c, 6d; InTASC 9(d), 10(d), 10(e), 10(g), 10(k); ISTE-T 3b]

COE 5.9

Use collaboration to elevate the amiable-fortune of people delay exceptionalities athwart a broad concatenate of settings and collaborators. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 2c, 6c; InTASC 10(j)]

4. Reflect upon the aphorism "failing to intention is intentionning to fail" in compliments to talented lecture intentionning. Teach how an unprepared developmistress negatively affects a developmistress’s arrange and his or her novices.

5. Conduct investigation encircling to differentiated arrange. What does differentiated arrange moderation? How can a developmistress solder this concept into their lecture intentionning? How do novice's avail from differentiation?

6. Use the secure muniment titled “Your GCU Experience” in appoint to form apprehension into your association and seed-plot proof.

7. The "Time Management and Consider Skills" essay in Chapter 4 of your eBook arguees multiform tips to acceleration you mould and dispose your spell emend and put the most exertion into your considering.

7. Which of these enjoy you had the most problems delay in the gone-by, and how do you resolve to harangue these?

8. Academic relationships are momentous to your amiable-fortune at GCU. These relationships envelop grant members, novice usurpation counselors, and novice promise. After reconsiderationing the week’s devices, how would these relationships be influential to your amiable-fortune? Please just peculiar examples of relationships you intention to clear and why.

9. Living collections are specially influential when transitioning into the preferable teaching environment. What living scheme(s) do you popularly enjoy in settle? What living collections are advantageous to you at home/community? If you popularly do not enjoy a living scheme(s) or collection(s), how allure you compose a living collection that best reflects you, and your academic and peculiar politeness living wants?

10. For this assignment, you allure response a course of questions justd to acceleration you ascertain and intention your object. These questions are tamed into an Academic Plan, a Spiritual Plan, and a History Plan. Use the secure muniment titled “Purpose Plan” to thorough the assignment.






11. Topic 4 Object Plan: Academic, Spiritual  Life, and Career


Directions: For this  assignment, you allure response a course of questions justd to acceleration you ascertain  and intention your object. These questions are tamed into an Academic Plan, a  Spiritual Plan, and a History Plan. Please corcorrespond to each of the questions  at-once on this muniment (the boxes allure swell as wanted).

Academic Plan 

To acceleration you get the most out of your campus  experience, our departments, offices on campus, exhibit usurpations, results, and  instrument that augment your academic pursuits and acceleration you proof Lope  life. Ascertain your greater  and program on the aftercited website and thorough the  table below: 


In    which program of consider are you enrolled? Or intention to enroll.


Identify    some of the program heart continuitys you are looking self-assertive to taking?


Which    courses do you apprehend substance the most challenging? Teach why.

Spiritual Plan

GCU is committed  to integrating belief athwart all aspects of the GCU association, which stems from  GCU’s sidearm to teach novices from a Christian perspective and to just  them for historys that grandeur God conjuncture serving others. Read through GCU’s “One  Foundation” and guard the three videos of President Brian Mueller and Dean  Jason Hiles, “Integration of Faith, Learning, and Work,” “Ethical Positions  Statement,” and “Doctrinal Statement Introduction,” located at 


What    did you use-away from these videos? How can you exercise this to your    proof conjuncture at GCU? (50-100 say)


What    does usurpation without of the arrangeroom moderation to you? How can you exercise usurpation    conjuncture at GCU? (50-100 say)

Career  Plan 

Grand  Canyon University exhibits separate history usurpation tools to acceleration you ascertain  potential history paths, uplift a begin-again, exploration for usurpation, and gone-by. Use a few minutes to use the 5 Assessments  within the History Compass located at (Access Code: Purpose). Even if you enjoy  completed an toll such as this in the gone-by, it is amiable to reassess  yourself total so frequently to reevaluate your intents, convergence, and inclination domiciled  on your clearment.

After  you thorough the reconnoitre, content in the aftercited table:


Based on your History Compass results, investigation the details.    Then narrate at meanest three job descriptions. 





Based    on your results, what  surprises did    you ascertain? If there are none, teach why. (100-150 say)


After    completing your popular program/degree, what is your intention? (grad develop,    internship, history intention, etc.)