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1. What are your separate thoughts on the use of electronics by progeny in and out of the orderatizeroom? At what ages do you furnish electronic use most embezzle? What counsel would you confer parents respecting the embezzle total of opportunity for electronic use?

2. If you reputed that a novice was not receiving befitting feeding at residence, what actions capacity you seize? Be favoring.

3. In this benchmark assignment, you get be intentning a Wellness Clear for the novices and families of your kindergarten orderatize. The Wellness Clear get thicken the mini-line intents you previously engenderd in this continuity. You get so engender a digital initiation to the Wellness Fair.

Part 1: Mini-Lessons Rationale

In provision for the Wellness Fair, critique the bloom, feeding, protection, and affinity mini-lessons you adapted throughout the continuity.

In 250-500 tone, transcribe a rationale illustrateing your lineal decisions for each politeness line. Make unmistakable to grasp how those decisions immediately subsistence the characteristics and insufficiencys of the “Class Profile” novices.

Part 2: Wellness Clear Issue Plan

Health, protection, feeding, and affinity are questions you possess been training to your kindergarten novices through your mini-lessons; besides, it is so wholesome to teach the families on the identical questions. Therefore, your motive in this individuality is to artifice a politeness clear to teach the families on these questions so they can subsistence their progeny at residence more fortunately. 

In command for the clear to be advantageable, you get insufficiency society subsistence to second in providing commandal booths in the areas of bloom, feeding, protection, and affinity. For this allot of the assignment, you get engender a 1,000-1,250 term intent outlining the politeness clear for your novices’ families, including how you get complicate the society.

Include the aftercited in your intent:


· Agenda: Outline the timing for each enthusiasm during the issue in a sickly agenda format.

· Welcome: Briefly illustrate how you get bring-in the issue to all alloticipants.

· Space Activity: Intent an space enthusiasm for the families and progeny that get illustrate the scope of the politeness issue after a opportunity the society and excite portion-outd values and expectations in creating a bloomy, deferential, and challenging erudition environment.

· Society Material Booths: Outline lewd society material booths that get furnish notice on bloom, protection, feeding, and affinity (one booth per question). Grasp a society material you get allure to dramatize the question, 3-4 sensational and influential statistics regarding to the booth’s question and infantine progeny, and a 50-100 term title of why that question is influential to the harvest of infantine progeny. Briefly illustrate how each booth get harangue the insufficiencys of progeny in the orderatize twain after a opportunity and after a opportunityout exceptionalities, domiciled on the “Class Profile.”

· Closing Activity: Intent a closing enthusiasm for the families and progeny that employs strategies and opportunities to enunmistakable coming collaboration after a opportunity families opportunity pursuing the victory of novices in the areas of bloom, feeding, protection, and affinity.

· Rationale: Transcribe a 250-500 term rationale illustrateing how the Wellness Clear subsistences collaboration among gratuity, novices, families, and the larger society. In restitution, debate why this collaboration is grave to promoting progeny’s harvest and erudition, including progeny after a opportunity exceptionalities.

Support your intent after a opportunity 2-3 erudite materials.

Part 3: Digital Wellness Clear Invitation

Create a digital initiation to excite the Wellness Clear to families, colleagues, and the society as polite as portion-out notice about the enlargement of infantine progeny in the areas of bloom, protection, feeding, and affinity.  The initiation should be succinct, visually appealing for the reception, aid alloticipation and collaboration, and grasp 2-3 materials that subsistence the resigned.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines establish in the APA Style Guide, located in the Novice Victory Center. An intellectual is not required.

Submit all three allots as one meekness. Size 1 and 2 may be delivered as one Term muniment.

This assignment uses a rubric. Critique the rubric former to prelude the assignment to befit frank after a opportunity the expectations for fortunate whole.

You are required to yield this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Subsistence articles for secondance.

College of Command (COE) program competencies and national standards assessed in the benchmark assignment:

COE 1.1

Create harvestally embezzle line that haranguees infantine progeny’s characteristics and insufficiencys including strengths, interests, and insufficiencys that empower each novice to pace and expedite his or her erudition. [CEC 1.2; NAEYC 1a; InTASC 1(b); GCU Band-arms Censorious 2]


Collaborate after a opportunity novices and colleagues to lay-open portion-outd values and expectations to engender bloomy, deferential, subsistenceive, and challenging erudition environments for infantine progeny. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 1c; InTASC 3(c), 3(f)]

COE 1.6

Collaborate after a opportunity novices, colleagues, families, and the larger society to intent for progeny’s harvest and erudition using data-domiciled notice. [CEC 7.1; NAEYC 2c; InTASC 1(a), 1(c), 2(f)]

COE 5.8

Collaborate after a opportunity novices, peers, families, and society members using digital tools and materials to subsistence novice victory and reversal. [CEC 7.2; NAEYC 2c, 6c, 6d; InTASC 9(d), 10(d), 10(e), 10(g), 10(k); ISTE-T 3b]

COE 5.9

Use collaboration to excite the victory of individuals after a opportunity exceptionalities counter a remote ramble of settings and collaborators. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 2c, 6c; InTASC 10(j)]

4. Reflect upon the proverb "failing to intent is intentning to fail" in compliments to advantageable line intentning. Illustrate how an unauthorized trainmistress negatively affects a trainmistress’s line and his or her novices.

5. Conduct elimination regarding to differentiated line. What does differentiated line average? How can a trainmistress thicken this concept into their line intentning? How do novice's behoof from differentiation?

6. Use the immovable muniment titled “Your GCU Experience” in command to mould insight into your society and college habit.

7. The "Time Management and Con-over Skills" essay in Chapter 4 of your eBook debatees diversified tips to acceleration you regulate and frame your opportunity rectify and put the most trial into your con-overing.

7. Which of these possess you had the most problems after a opportunity in the gone-by, and how do you design to harangue these?

8. Academic relationships are censorious to your victory at GCU. These relationships grasp gratuity members, novice advantage counselors, and novice promise. After critiqueing the week’s materials, how would these relationships be influential to your victory? Please furnish favoring examples of relationships you intent to lay-open and why.

9. Subsistence orders are chiefly influential when transitioning into the preferable command environment. What subsistence order(s) do you presently possess in fix? What subsistence orders are conducive to you at residence/community? If you presently do not possess a subsistence order(s) or order(s), how get you engender a subsistence order that best reflects you, and your academic and separate politeness subsistence insufficiencys?

10. For this assignment, you get counter-argument a sequence of questions adapted to acceleration you furnish and intent your scope. These questions are docile into an Academic Plan, a Spiritual Plan, and a Race Plan. Use the immovable muniment titled “Purpose Plan” to total the assignment.






11. Topic 4 Scope Plan: Academic, Spiritual  Life, and Career


Directions: For this  assignment, you get counter-argument a sequence of questions adapted to acceleration you furnish  and intent your scope. These questions are docile into an Academic Plan, a  Spiritual Plan, and a Race Plan. Please accord to each of the questions  immediately on this muniment (the boxes get unfold as insufficiencyed).

Academic Plan 

To acceleration you get the most out of your campus  experience, our departments, offices on campus, tender advantages, issues, and  media that repair your academic pursuits and acceleration you habit Lope  life. Furnish your greater  and program on the aftercited website and total the  table below: 


In    which program of con-over are you embodyed? Or intent to embody.


Identify    some of the program heart continuitys you are looking advanced to insertion?


Which    courses do you expect life the most challenging? Illustrate why.

Spiritual Plan

GCU is committed  to integrating credulity counter all aspects of the GCU society, which stems from  GCU’s band-arms to teach novices from a Christian perspective and to equip  them for races that nobility God opportunity serving others. Read through GCU’s “One  Foundation” and wake the three videos of President Brian Mueller and Dean  Jason Hiles, “Integration of Faith, Learning, and Work,” “Ethical Positions  Statement,” and “Doctrinal Statement Introduction,” located at 


What    did you seize-away from these videos? How can you adduce this to your    habit opportunity at GCU? (50-100 tone)


What    does advantage without of the orderatizeroom average to you? How can you adduce advantage    opportunity at GCU? (50-100 tone)

Career  Plan 

Grand  Canyon University tenders different race advantage tools to acceleration you ferret-out  potential race paths, establish a recommence, inquiry for pursuit, and more. Seize a few minutes to seize the 5 Assessments  within the Race Compass located at (Access Code: Purpose). Even if you possess  completed an toll such as this in the gone-by, it is good-natured-natured to reassess  yourself integral so frequently to reevaluate your motives, convergence, and line domiciled  on your enlargement.

After  you total the contemplate, replenish in the aftercited table:


Based on your Race Compass results, elimination the details.    Then illustrate at lowest three job titles. 





Based    on your results, what  surprises did    you furnish? If there are none, illustrate why. (100-150 tone)


After    completing your present program/degree, what is your intent? (grad train,    internship, race intent, etc.)