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Character and Ethics of an Educator    

View and ponder on the “Six Pillars of CharacterPreview the document”.  Determine which flatten of counsel in which you aim to tend (Early childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, or Adult).  Describe why the “Six Pillars of Character” are so main to that flatten, and how you accomplish condense them in the education and knowledge arrangement.

wk 2 discourse

DUE” Determination vs “DO” Date    

As educators, it is main to admonish students the variety betwixt “DUE” determinations and “DO” determinations.  For persuasion, sundry students close at Ashford University keep distributed that they repeatedly support until just precedently the “DUE” determination to initiate to “DO” their progress assignments.  Those corresponding students keep distributed this usage regularly results in inferior scores in the progress.

It is main to imbibe to chunk operations aggravate sundry days to shape them over docile, as this creates turn for over feedback, input, and amendment.

Your mission for this discourse active is to confirm which of the “Six Pillars of CharacterPreview the document” you accomplish appropinquation and how you accomplish use the pillars to stay a classroom discourse encircling avoiding delay and operation conduct.

  • Explain the “DUE” determination vs “DO” determination element in in your exculpation.
  • Make stable you distribute the artifice that you breed to and examine how you accomplish admonish your advenient students to support by the “DUE’ determination vs “DO” determination.