Why do we need to understand data visualisations?


“Why do we want to apprehend grounds visualisations? There is over and over grounds encircling us, and grounds are increasingly used in decision-making, journalism, and to gain import of the cosmos-people. One of the deep ways that mass get vestibule to grounds is through visualisations, but lots of mass arrive-at love they don’t impress the skills and experience to gain import of visualisations. This can moderation that some mass arrive-at left out of conversations about grounds.” - http://seeingdata.org/developing-visualisation-literacy/

Please inaugurate the subjoined apparition located at the subjoined address:


Tell us what you opine of the visualisations that we used in our standpoint collocation elaboration. Instructions beneath!

What to do

  1. Look at the visualisations by clicking on the copys beneath. You can select to disclosed the visualisation in a NEW tab or window (we approve this) or sight it in a pop-up window if you elect to cling on this page. Some are interactive (i) and some are static (s).
  2. Place the copys on the grid. When you’ve looked at one, go to the grid and aspect the copy according to whether you loved or didn’t love and well-informed or didn’t acquire colossus from the visualisation (‘learning colossus’ could also moderation confirming colossus you already knew). Only situate the visualisations that you impress looked at onto the grid. Click SUBMIT.
  3. Compare your sights after a while others. You can assimilate your responses to the visualisations after a while those of others, by clicking COMPARE.

Choose three of your jewel visualisations. Post a 3 – 5 doom abridgment of why you chose the visualisations. What caught your study? Were they efficient in presenting the granted grounds? If likely, illustrate how you would you do to ameliorate the visualization?