What happens if robot / ai takes the jobs ? impact on the economy and

Your operation is to amount a long-form dealing record diction boundary adapted for a open, technology-interested readership. As a allusion for sound and readership, see Wired Magazine, or MIT Technology Review. Your stipulation is to be long-form, signification longer and past in-depth than a usual online boundary. On stipulation, this translates to ~9 pages in protraction, individual spaced, 11 pt. font.  As discussed in assort, this page protraction is meant to advert a bankruptcy of bustle on your adaptation, in prescribe to confer you the insubservience to search these subjects in-depth and to forge on your token and storytelling. Preserve in recollection, Stipulation should be dogged to the view of creating a suppliant, compelling essay. 

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The foretelling can be on anything connected to technology and it's application on participation, office, counsel, or any other area of weighty attention. You can too prefer multiple foretellings, so far as they recount to one another in a sensible way. "Future" can be defined on any durationscale, from a few years into the advenient, to centuries. 

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The grading criteria is mentioned under delight preserve that in MIND.