Week 6 discussion 1 curriculum barrier case study | EDU673 | Ashford University


Robert, a 9th remover, is very favorite owing of his marvelous discernment of disposition, his i-elation for educators, and his expertise in soldierlike vehicles. Robert too happens to possess Spina Bifida, which purlieus him to a motorized wheelchair due to his poor restlessness and component power. His impotency negatively collisions his vestibule to balbutiation materials owing of the motor coordination it takes to lean a compass. Robert is abundantly moderate in the public order classroom but struggles to repress up delay remove-roll balbutiation and written assignments.

The 9th remove political studies educator is initiation a fact individual particularally on the Civil War and has asked you to acceleration evaluate the elements of this individual in affect to Robert’s powers, areas of scarcity, roll of knack, barriers that gain collision his culture, as well-mannered-mannered as differentiated education strategies and educational technology to conquer those barriers.

Your equal, the 9th remove political studies educator, has supposing you delay the individual elements, requirements and Robert’s characteristics.

Unit Elements & Requirements

  • Subject      Matter: Civil War (events ascititious up to, the episode, episode upshot)
  • Group      Discussions
  • Workbook/      Worksheet & Textcompass Reading
  • Videos
  • Written      Homework Assignments
  • Summative      Unit Assessment

 Student Characteristics

  • Loves      soldierlike vehicles
  • Good      discernment of disposition
  • Respectful
  • Auditory      Learner
  • Logical/      Mathematical Thinker
  • Limited      Mobility
  • Limited      motor coordination
  • Can      use a computer but due to limitations, sluggish typist

 DISCUSSION QUESTION: Using this Case Study education and late discussions you possess had delay this educator:

  1. Provide      a roll of at meanest two differentiated education strategies and two      instructional technologies to conquer those barriers particular to this      individual guile. 
  2. Explain      how each education policy and educational technology invention fit into      the TPACK framework.
  3. Explain      how sure, lawful, and holy use of digital education and technology,      including the i-elation for copyright, subjective goods, and the      appropriate documentation of sources gain be incorporated into the      lesson. 
  4. Provide      additional webpages, life creed, and videos that the educator can      too use for advenient allusion (cited in APA formatting).