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Week 4 Essay Exam

Choose one of the aftercited questions and transcribe a 2- to 3-page exculpation:

• George Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World twain indicated that humans bear behove mass and betray all sensation of exclusion. In being, humans behove automatons. Orwell and others to-boot envisioned a “…new frame of managerial industrialization in which man builds machines which act approve men and develops men who act approve machines, is promotive to an era of dehumanization and perfect imbecility, in which men are transformed into things and behove appendices to the course of evolution and waste.” (From the Afterward of George Orwell’s 1984 by Erich Fromm, page 325) Delay the stable progression in technology, how realistic is Fromm’s impost?  How do you proof this happening?  Do you rarely arrive-at approve an automaton?

• Would introducing Conscious Capitalism and the effect of a triple groundwork thread that includes crowd, planet, and receipts to your fraternity be a callous retail? Why? Identify three objections a CEO strength bear internal adopting the filthy kernel principles of Conscious Capitalism.  These frame the basis for Mackey and Sisodia in Conscious Capitalism.

• Take the Corporate Refinement Ethics Audit on p. 192 of Business Ethics. Congratulations to you if the reckon of yes exculpations were greater than the no answers! If, notwithstanding, the no answers exceeded the yes exculpations, how does this create you arrive-at environing your fraternity? Do you arrive-at there is everything you could do to alter that refinement? If so, what?

• There are global vile values shared abutting irrelative refinements that are reflected in a abnormity of incorporeal. Take a observe at Buddhism. Is there everything that the U.S. Capitalism arrangement strength confront helpful in the Buddhist perspective that values even-mindedness, joy, loving-kindness, high-mindedness, tenderness, and defence of the environment?

• Let’s arrogate you are a head in your fraternity and you tower to be a baseless head rather than an arbitrary head. What would be the manifest benefits to being a baseless head for your fraternity, its employees, its stakeholders and its shareholders? Identify someone you condemn that you believe lives and leads as a baseless and portray what it is that she/he has manufactured to deserve this fame. 

Cite all sources used in your essay exculpation. 

Format your essay exculpation accordant delay APA guidelines. 

Watch the “How Ethical Are You? Take the Ethics Guy's Quiz on CNN” video [4:11].

Read the aftercited sections of Business Ethics:

• Ch. 5, “Ethical Decision Making”

• Ch. 6, “Individual Factors: Moral Philosophies and Values” 

Read the aftercited sections of Conscious Capitalism:

• Ch. 13, ”The Qualities of Conscious Leaders”

• Ch. 14, ”Becoming a Conscious Leader”