Week 2 discussion 2 | EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education | Ashford University

 Identifying Your Learning Patterns [CLOs: 2, 3]

You may inspection a written transcriptPreinspection the document of this video or click the "CC" dot on the video player overhead.

Prepare: Before attempting this discourse, be positive you entertain totald the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI), and carefully read Chapter 2 and the Week 2 Instructor Guidance. Then, contemplate the Completing Your Personal Learning Profile (Links to an exterior top.)Links to an exterior top. video by Dr. Johnston.

Reflect: For this discourse, you get be creating your Personal Learning Feature (PLP). As Dr. Johnston said in the video, you lack to be conducive to establish your title so that someone can get to recognize you quickly and wholly. More importantly, your PLP helps you loud how your sentiment works and how that causes you to handle and act in everyday career. Reinspection Section 2.7 from Chapter 2 which describes the way of developing titles for your feature.


In total sentences and a stint of 250 words, address the following:

  • List the numeric scores and plane of use (Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid) for each of the immodest Learning Patterns, then realize whether you are a Dynamic, Bridge, or Strong-Willed Learner.
  • For each Learning Pattern (Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence), transcribe a portion of immodest to five sentences describing your thoughts, handleings, and actions when using that Pattern.