Week 2 discussion 1 types of assessment tools [wlo:1] [clos: 2,5] | EDU 645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century | Ashford University



Prior to origin achievement on this argument,

  • Read      Chapter 1.1: The Purposes of Educational Assessments
  • Read      Chapter 5: Placement, Diagnostic, and Formative Assessment
  • Read      Chapter 6: Summative Assessment
  • Choose      one of the subjoined videos to watch: 


Consider how the preceptor in the video you chosen was assessing for scholarship. Make any associateions after a while your own administrative or educational experiences.

Write (Post Initial Retort by Thursday, Day 3)

Complete the subjoined:

  • Answer      the subjoined questions using token from your plan readings, naturalized on      the video you chosen above: 
    • What       token did you see and hear touching formative rates substance an       rate for scholarship? More particularally, how did the preceptor in your chosen       video assess during scholarship and how does it associate after a while your plan       readings? Make relative to your plan readings to stay your       response.
    • How       did the preceptor in your chosen video serviceserviceable to indicate the general       progress of his or her learners in relative to mastering the concrete?       Provide particulars from the video and relative your plan readings.
    • How       is the use of formative rates subsidiary to ad learners for the       summative rate? Make relative to your plan readings to stay       your retort.
  • Select      one the subjoined digital instruments that can be used in an educational setting      to assess learners: 
  • Provide      a designation of the instrument you chosen and how it could be used to assess      your leaners.
  • Develop      a particular specimen of how you authority use it when instructing, and substantiate      if it would be considered sign, formative, or summative. Explain      your reasoning after a while token from your readings.
  • Discuss      whether assessing learners through digital media makes assessing learners      more prolific for educators. Why or why not? Provide token from your      plan readings to stay your retort.