Week 1 – difference between coaching and mentoring

Complete Parts 1-3 beneath as making-ready for enucleateing your coaching pur-pose. Approach each separate as a way to aid the main at your school know the differences between coaching and mentoring, as polite as judge relevant topics connected to the coaching pur-pose. 

Part 1:

Create a chart, diagram, or other visual vault of the characteristics, roles, and responsibilities of coaching and mentoring. Highlight the similarities and differences between the two. 

Part 2:

Prepare a handout, monograph, bin, or other job aid that you can divide delay the main and teachers on your campus that addresses the aftercited topics: 

  1. What factors must you conduct in memory when instituted close a new main?
  2. What topics must you ask anteriorly determining a new coaching type or program?
  3. What are the strengths of the staff and how can these strengths be utilized in your coaching pur-pose?
  4. In what areas procure teachers scarcity the most maintenance? How procure you indicate these areas of scarcity?
  5. How should goals for student education be indicated? How should those goals be addressed? 

Part 3:

Develop a schedule of five topics to ask the main as you enucleate your coaching pur-pose. Provide a rationale for each topic and an interpretation of how the main's responses procure aid direct you in enucleateing an effectual coaching pur-pose.