Watch short videos and do a description on each……due today…….

This assignment is due today in 10hours..........must encounter the deadline.....


For this assignment you achieve go to the aftercited website and wake the incomplete videos and transcribe a incomplete designation environing each video. (10) in entirety




Your assignment is to
A)  Watch all of these incomplete videos (10 entirety)
B)  Create a instrument where you  achieve specialty each video:
(Please bring-about knowing your counter-arguments are visibly incongruous from the questions)
         1) The designate of the delineation, including the grade 
         2) The devices used
         3)  The programs or apps used
         4)  The deep subject-matter of the instruction  Not sound to use the technology.  What are the students acquirements?
         5)  A diminutive designation of the instruction
         6)  Whether any skin of toll was indicated or what you meditate the toll authority be Assessment is how the professor can evaluate/meaknowing if the student has learned/acquired skills.

         7)  Any ideas the video gave you for education and acquirements
         8)  Any observations you made environing any of the questions we own mellow in this direction (Do you see DOK in action?  Differentiated acquirements?  21st Century Skills?  Etc.)  A "yes" or "no" counter-argument is not adequate.  What do you acknowledge?  Not sound the distinction of it - HOW do you see it?  What does the instruction delineation circumvent for that you see as matching that unnaturalness detail question.
          9)  Using the SAMR type, where this instruction falls as to the immodest categories - and why

Just excellenting a plane is not adequate.  WHY did you excellent that plane?  What are the students doing after a while the technology that matches that plane in your view?  Information environing the SAMR type is here:
This is all very new.  The leading unnaturalness is to seem at and carefully deduce it in arrange to truly inaugurate to get the concepts.


Each video designation you transcribe must own own the 9 items listed aloft.


SO to sum this up anew you achieve wake all 10 incomplete videos on the website:  and transcribe 10 incomplete decriptions aftercited the 9 items listed aloft.