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Q1. Viewpoints | Choose a Intent Medium 

Watch the aftercited three videos. Using your specific test and what the experts in the videos say, fabricate a fact for which intent component fabricates the most expressive oblation to the figment of the "world" of the embody. Tail up your opinions and observations using copys from the videos you chose to guard. 

Wicked Scenery: Intent Concept - 

Indiana Jones Sound Intent Featurette Part 1 - 

Practical Technical Theater Demo: Lighting Intent - 

Q2. Viewpoints | The Modern Theatre - Passing the Torch 

The ideas of Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Freud, Marx and Einstein (incompact others!) along after a while the influences of the Industrial Revolution, Photography, atomic campaign, and global warming own spawned a Modern Theatre dominated by "realism." But lection Chapter 8 reveals that realism is lawful another phraseology of theatre. Every “new” phraseology of theatre is a reaction to correct the condition quo and serves a local set of purposes, from absolute regalement, to promoting college. Guard the immodest video prunes to imbibe over about realism and Theatre of the Absurd. The prune of Laurel and Hardy provides an copy of the peel of balanceingless and repetitive ardor that influenced the figment of Waiting for Godot. Think tail on the sundry embodys and phraseologys of theatre you've discover about in this tabulate, and the embodys and remarkable you've seen this semester. Using copys from those tests, fabricate a fact for the product and/or product phraseology that is most apposite to today's earth and your own specific vision of what theatre should be for your race. Should impertinent thinking theatre artists assemble over on fresh or enlightening? The over accomplished your rejoinder, the reform your action.

 Realism in Theater - 


Laurel and Hardy "Tit for Tat" (1935) - 

"Waiting for Godot" Explained after a while Philosophy | Philosophy Tube - 

Q3. Viewpoints | Theatre East and West 

Read Chapter 7 and guard the video prunes in this ace. Discuss your conception of the similarities and the differences of the three Theatrical traditions represented. Fabricate silence of the grafting and manner of actors, the types of stories assured, the remarkable values, the cultural values, the symbology and the goods the remarkable own on audiences. Tail up your opinions and observations after a while copys from the extract and/or the videos. 

Kabuki - 

The Earth of Commedia dell'Arte - 

Kathakali Dance Drama of Kerala - 

Make -up for Kathakali - 

Kalyanasougandhikam in Kathakali Part 1, Invis Multimedia, DVD -