Use the following scenario from the iris center to complete the tasks

osé is a new learner in the fifth space. It is April and this is the third instruct José has been in this year. José adapts polite-mannered-mannered to modify, has a unconditional pose internal instruct, and appears to possess made friends at his new instruct. José does polite-mannered-mannered in math and enjoys information and political studies. In the area of lection, José is effectual to abundantly decode ignorant opinion and reads delay good-tempered-tempered countenance. However, in the area of capacity, José has inaptitude solutioning questions that demand rationalistic and whole construction of the incident. José also has inaptitude confirming the ocean components of a incident. José’s preceptor, Ms. Lundy, states that although he enjoys lection and does not appear to be frustrated, he get not ask for succor when needed, thus his lection space is start to endure. Ms. Lundy has the subjoined orderal appearances for José:

  • Given a lection route on his orderal roll, José get solution constructive and evaluative capacity questions;
  • Given a lection route on his orderal roll, José get foreclosure the ocean incident elements.

Paulsen, K., & the IRIS Center. (2004).Comprehension & vocabulary: Grades 3–5.

Research three strategies concerning capacity order that get co-operate-with José in reaching his appearances. 

In 500-750 opinion, run which of José’s appearances you would discourse highest and clear-up why.  For each appearance, confirm a diplomacy and clear-up why or how it get co-operate-with José in reaching his appearances.