Understanding rhetoric and multimodal composition


The aim of this assignment is to perceive incongruous declamatory cites and strategies by putting them into action yourself. This assignment allure to-boot allot you to action delay multimodal letter and delay Medium, the implement you allure use for your Multimodal Research Assignment at the end of the manner. There is a Medium tutorial page in this module. 

Writing in fields ranging from journalism to the vigor sciences is increasingly multimodal (occurring in more than one regulation, such as imprint, electronic, visual, etc.) and modified resources. This resources that transcribers in the 21st seniority, opposing all disciplines and walk fields, scarcity to entertain resources and multimodal literacy skills. Whether those skills are put to use by integrating charts or graphs into reports, or by making infographics that bestow complicated notification, or by demulcent editorial information stories that condense video, audio, vision, and passage, it is grave to perceive the growing overlap among the principles of design and those of composition. 

According to the National Council of Teachers of English (Links to an manifest birth.), "because technology has increased the energy and complicatedity of savant environments, the 21st seniority demands that a savant idiosyncratic own a expanded rove of abilities and competencies, sundry literacies. These literacies are multiple, dynamic, and irrepressible." In their most modern Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition (Links to an manifest birth.) (2014), the Council of Letter Programs Administrators removed "digital literacy" as a disjoined mode, instead integrating digital artifice and multimodal letter into the transmitted categories of "Rhetorical Knowledge," "Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing," "Processes," and "Knowledge of Conventions." For model, beneath "Rhetorical Knowledge", the WPA says that students should be serviceserviceefficient to "match the capacities of incongruous environments (e.g., imimsculpture and electronic) to varying declamatory situations." In "Processes," the WPA believes at the end of First-Year Composition, students should acquire to "adapt demulcent processes for a multiformity of technologies and modalities." This shelve from the strictly passageual to the multimodal is impercipient of larger cultural shelves inside multimodal despatch.


This assignment has two compressiveness. First, you allure frame a multimodal Average essay in apsubject-matter to educate awareness environing an effect that is grave to you. You must use Medium.com to total this dissect of the assignment. You allure end environing how to use declamatory cites and strategies to incline your interview, as polite-mannered-mannered as how to leverage a multimodal implement--Medium--to acceleration you construct your subject-matter efficiently. Second, you allure frame a weak mate truth to your Average essay that analyzes and elucidates the declamatory choices you entertain made. This is a settlement written in Word. By analyzing your own declamatory choices, you allure see how all transcribers/authors construct intentional choices environing how best to cite to their interview.

For the violentest dissect of this assignment, you allure prelate an effect that is grave to you and use the resources implements in Medium to frame a multimodal passage that educates awareness environing your subject. You should total this dissect of the assignment by creating a page at Medium.com (see tutorial in this module). You can prelate an effect that is collective, enjoy voting rights or environmental plan correct, an effect that is gregarious, enjoy violent stakes testing in regulate or the concern of social parks, or individual/personal, enjoy the scarcity for idiosyncratical mergeion or the concern of contending delaystand cancer, and everything in among. The most grave criteria for choosing your effect is that it is grave to you and it is star you end others should circumspection environing as polite-mannered. Your audience for this Average essay is made up of adults (18+) in the open population (not a specialist interview). You should end environing how to trickery your Average essay in apsubject-matter to cite to as generic an interview as potential. Before demulcent, you should drawingate for yourself your aim, pattern, treatment, and end environing how to use average and artifice in Medium. The incompleteness enumerate of articulation for your Average essay is 500, but there is no acme enumerate of articulation you must use in your essay--your extension should be alienate for your declamatory goals.

For the promote dissect of this assignment, you allure transcribe a weak mate truth that elucidates the declamatory choices (strategies, cites, and devices) you entertain made in apsubject-matter to cite to your interview. In your truth, you should say your aim, pattern, and drawingate your treatment. You should to-boot elucidate how you used specific declamatory devices and strategies in apsubject-matter to construct immaterial, moving, and/or argumentative cites to your interview. You should be serviceserviceefficient to inform how you used the implement or arrangement of despatch (Medium) and artifice declamatoryly in apsubject-matter to merge delay your interview to consummate your aim. This lot of your assignment allots you to contemplate upon and vindicate the declamatory choices you made in the Average essay. Your mate truth allure be framed in Word; it should be 350-500 articulation in extension and the muniment artifice should consent to MLA formatting regulatelines. 

You allure comply two things for this assignment: a integrate to your published Average essay (created in Medium.com) AND a Word, Rich Text, or PDF muniment as a mate truth. NOTE: You allure entertain to comply twain items disjoinedly OR add integrate to your Average essay as a observe when you comply the mate truth or at the inception or end of your mate truth (Part I).

TIP: You should use "The Basics Cheat Sheet: Declamatory Devices" and the "Rhetorical Appeals Playing Cards Peer-to-Peer Activity" in individualization to the passagebook for direction on this assignment.

Here is an model of how a Medium essay (Links to an manifest birth.) for this assignment faculty appear. This should not be considered a formula, but rather a regulate.

Here is an model of how the mate truth (Links to an manifest birth.) for this assignment faculty appear. This should not be considered a formula, but rather a regulate. Please still n ess that the model relates to Storify to total the multimodal essay, still, we are currently using Medium.com. 

Refer to the Grade Guidelines page to see the descriptions for "Achieves Excellence", "Exceeds Expectations", "Meets Expectations", etc.

Assignment Rubric

Part 1: Medium Essay

A Medium essay that "Achieves Excellence" allure be conspicuous in the aftercited criteria:

  • The transcriber/designer has a serene aim and mould that are alienate for a open interview of adults.
  • The transcriber/designer uses poise to condense twain passage and resources.
  • The transcriber/designer uses passage and resources to capture the curiosity-behalf of the interview.
  • The transcriber/designer's Average essay is readable, unified, and thoughtfully systematic.
  • The transcriber/designer efficiently and aimfully integrates multi/resources elements into his or her Average essay.
  • The transcriber/designer has serenely considered the most efficient way to leverage the average of Medium to educate awareness environing his or her subject.
  • The transcriber/designer efficiently communicates the discernment of his or her subject in apsubject-matter to educate awareness.
  • The transcriber/designer meets the standards for efficient despatch (clarity, faultlessness, nicety, logic, relationship, openness, discernment).

Part 2: Mate Narrative

A mate truth to the Medium essay that consummates brilliance allure be conspicuous in the aftercited criteria:

  • The transcriber drawingates his or her aim, pattern, and conpassage for his or her Average essay.
  • The transcriber elucidates and discusses how he or she citeed to logic, feeling, and/or ethics in his or her Average essay.
  • The transcriber discusses specific strategies or devices he or she used in apsubject-matter to construct declamatory cites to the interview.
  • The transcriber elucidates how he or she used average and artifice declamatoryly.
  • The transcriber justifies his or her declamatory choices for achieving his or her aim delay the interview.
  • The transcriber contemplates upon how transcribers/authors construct purposed choices in apsubject-matter to cite to their interview.
  • The written lot of the assignment meets the standards for efficient despatch (clarity, faultlessness, nicety, logic, relationship, openness, and discernment).
  • The muniment artifice for the mate truth consents to MLA formatting regulatelines.
  • The mate truth is 350-500 articulation in extension.

NOTE:  The rubric may relate to Storify to total the multimodal essay, still, we are currently using Medium.com.