Uml diagram and 2 pages for the other uestions

For the aftercited exercises, use the enduring advice arrangement introduced as a subject con-over among Chapter 1. Use this subject con-over despite all exercises.


1.      Create one or more UML activity diagram(s) illustrating how this arrangement capability treat the skillful-treatment of separate thrift needs, enduring monitoring and authoritative reporting. Include at last 10 elements or manner boxes among your diagram.

o    Use the scheme features among applications approve Word, PowerPoint or Visio to propagate the diagram. If Visio is used, print the perfect to a .pdf format preceding to submitting it for grading.


2.      Write 15 or more SCRUM user stories for the enduring advice arrangement.  Use the aftercited legend format:  “As a (role), I want/need (functionality), so that I can (justification/benefit).”

o    Normally, user stories are pestilential into legend cards written on apostacy cards or post-it notes. Then, the legend cards are posted on a legend table.

o    For this assignment, user stories can be submitted using Microsoft Word.


3.  Using the user stories you honest authorized, form a precedingitized Product Backlog for the enduring advice arrangement. The prominent precedingity items should be nigh the top of your Product Backlog, delay the last precedingity evident inland the ground.

4. Using the Product Backlog you honest authorized, form a Sprint Backlog that capability be correspondent for a 2-week sprint.

                        APA format for references