Touchstone 1.1: engage with a work of research | ENG2000 | Capella University

ASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you conciliate picked one of the declaration granted underneath and admit in a 2-3 page resume and counter-discussion confabulation delay the beginning. This conciliate implicate providing a particular resume of the beginning's discussion and tallying to that discussion delay your lie inveterate on the instruction granted in the beginning.

Article Option 1: "The Recess Debate: A Disjuncture among Educational Policy and Scientific Research" (
Article Option 2: "Sugar in School Breakfasts: A School District's Perspective"


A. Assignment Guidelines

DIRECTIONS: Refer to the roll underneath throughout the match process. Do not propose your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.

1. Designation Summary

❒ Have you infectious the beginning's scope?❒ Have you intervening all of the beginning's ocean points?❒ Have you restated the beginning's discussion in your own signification?

2. Designation Response

❒ Have you granted your perspective on the beginning's discussion?❒ Have you used particular examples from the beginning to interpret why you either admit or disadmit delay the discussion?

3. Reflection

❒ Have you answered all cogitation questions thoughtfully and intervening insights, observations, and/or examples in all counter-arguments?
❒ Are your answers intervening on a different page underneath the ocean assignment?

B. Cogitation Questions

DIRECTIONS: Underneath your assignment, comprise answers to all of the aftercitedcited cogitation questions.

  1. What ideas pristinely came to soul when you pristine peruse through the designation? Did your judicious counter-discussion to the designation veer aftercited peruseing it for a relieve spell? (3-4 sentences)
  2. How does paying care to the way you tally to a beginning succor you formulate your pattern on a subject-matter? (2-3 sentences)   

D. Requirements

The aftercitedcited requirements must be met for your patience to be graded:

  • Comlie must be 2-3 pages (almost 500-750 signification).
  • Double-space the comlie and use one-inch margins.
  • Use a peruseable 12-point font.
  • All match must be divert for an academic tenor.
  • Comlie must be pristine and written for this assignment.
  • Plagiarism of any bark is strictly prohibited.
  • Submission must comprise your indicate, the indicate of the progress, the continuance, and the appellation of your settlement.
  • Include all of the assignment components in a sole finish.
    • Acceptable finish formats comprise .doc, .docx, and .pdf.