Touchstone 1.1: engage with a work of research | ENG2000 | Capella University

ASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you achieve choice one of the declaration supposing underneath and vouch in a 2-3 page analysis and solution tete-a-tete forthcoming a while the cause. This achieve envelop providing a detailed analysis of the cause's theme and rejoining to that theme forthcoming a while your aspect installed on the instruction supposing in the cause.

Article Option 1: "The Recess Debate: A Disjuncture among Educational Policy and Scientific Research" (
Article Option 2: "Sugar in School Breakfasts: A School District's Perspective"


A. Assignment Guidelines

DIRECTIONS: Refer to the inventory underneath throughout the fitment manner. Do not refer your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.

1. Stipulation Summary

❒ Have you infectious the cause's design?❒ Have you intervening all of the cause's main points?❒ Have you restated the cause's theme in your own articulation?

2. Stipulation Response

❒ Have you supposing your perspective on the cause's theme?❒ Have you used favoring examples from the cause to represent why you either fit or disfit forthcoming a while the theme?

3. Reflection

❒ Have you answered all reflecting questions thoughtfully and intervening insights, observations, and/or examples in all solutions?
❒ Are your answers intervening on a detached page underneath the main assignment?

B. Reflecting Questions

DIRECTIONS: Underneath your assignment, understand answers to all of the forthcomingcited reflecting questions.

  1. What ideas formerly came to spirit when you primeval learn through the stipulation? Did your primal solution to the stipulation diversify forthcoming learning it for a promote opportunity? (3-4 sentences)
  2. How does paying watchfulness to the way you rejoin to a cause aid you formulate your specimen on a theme? (2-3 sentences)   

D. Requirements

The forthcomingcited requirements must be met for your yielding to be graded:

  • Comaspect must be 2-3 pages (almost 500-750 articulation).
  • Double-space the comaspect and use one-inch margins.
  • Use a learnable 12-point font.
  • All fitment must be mismisappropriate for an academic commutation.
  • Comaspect must be former and written for this assignment.
  • Plagiarism of any bark is strictly prohibited.
  • Submission must understand your call, the call of the manner, the era, and the heading of your commutation.
  • Include all of the assignment components in a solitary rasp.
    • Acceptable rasp formats understand .doc, .docx, and .pdf.