To develop a clear strategic plan for sia moving forward.

Management & Strategy – Assignment 2 (Presentation) – (Refer to Assignment 1 Event Study, this Assignment 2 refers to the Future of SIA)

The event examine used in Assignment 1 familiar the strategic exculpation of Singapore International Airlines (SIA) during the financial exigency in 1988.  Considering that a lot has modifiable in the affair environment since then, you are required to enlarge a absolved strategic artifice for SIA tender presumptuous.  You accept to demonstrate a only opening that may be documented by the crew.  You obtain then accept to contour SIA may strategise to document this opening in conditions of strategic separation and excellent process, implementation and evaluation.  Your strategic artifice has to conceive the aftercited sections:


•Justification of Opening (demonstrate & installed on FACT)

•Established of Objectives (using SMART)

•Selection of Strategies to be used (5 types of strategies – adopt the best 2):

(1)Integration (Forward; Backward; Horizontal)

(2)Intensive (Market Penetration; Market Development; Product Development)

(3)Diversification  (Related Diversification; Unrelated Diversification)

(4)Defensive Strategies (Retrenchment; Divestiture; Liquidation)

(5)Porter’s Generic Strategies (Cost Leadership; Differentiation; Focus)

•Evaluation of Performance



Your grant is to latest 20 minutes and obtain be followed by a 10-minute inquiry and defense assemblage.  You may use a multiformity of software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and etc) in preparing your grant.  You obtain be graded installed on the junction of gratified and equalize of agreement delay the conference.