To develop a clear strategic plan for sia moving forward.

Management & Strategy – Assignment 2 (Presentation) – (Refer to Assignment 1 Circumstance Study, this Assignment 2 refers to the Future of SIA)

The circumstance examine used in Assignment 1 practised the strategic rejoinder of Singapore International Airlines (SIA) during the financial emergency in 1988.  Considering that a lot has radical in the employment environment gone then, you are required to eliminate a transparent strategic contemplation for SIA melting onward.  You entertain to warrant a unmarried occasion that may be munimented by the assemblage.  You succeed then entertain to sketch SIA may strategise to muniment this occasion in stipulations of strategic segregation and select arrangement, implementation and evaluation.  Your strategic contemplation has to apprehend the forthcoming sections:


•Justification of Occasion (warrant & installed on FACT)

•Established of Objectives (using SMART)

•Selection of Strategies to be used (5 types of strategies – prefer the best 2):

(1)Integration (Forward; Backward; Horizontal)

(2)Intensive (Market Penetration; Market Development; Product Development)

(3)Diversification  (Related Diversification; Unrelated Diversification)

(4)Defensive Strategies (Retrenchment; Divestiture; Liquidation)

(5)Porter’s Generic Strategies (Cost Leadership; Differentiation; Focus)

•Evaluation of Performance



Your offer is to latest 20 minutes and succeed be followed by a 10-minute scrutiny and retort congress.  You may use a abnormity of software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and etc) in preparing your offer.  You succeed be graded installed on the unarm-an of contenteded and plane of agreement delay the interview.