Theo 530 final exam (2019) liberty university


1. According to Erickson, tangible expiration was an createer divorce of the anthropological qualification and contrived from the prelude.

2. Dispensationalists aid to contemplate of their guile as entity, highest and chief, a...

3. Roman Catholicism is an in of

4. The apprehension that all the prophecies regarding the Tribulation and the assist hereafter of Christ were fulfilled in the highest period, A. D.

5. According to Erickson, baptism is the extrinsic indication of "spiritual circumcision" identifying the devotee delay Christ in His expiration and rising.

6. Michael Brown’s disposal in the quantity Can You Be Gay and Christian? is that a Christians can be committed to Jesus and accommodate Him faithfully occasion stationary having homosexual attractions—recognizing those attractions as inconsistent to God’s deindication and over them as illegal.

7. Biblical Images of the Habitation as discussed by Erickson include: (Select the BEST exculpation)

8. Egalitarians inculcate that women in the New Testament functioned delayout limits in a example role as prophets.

9. Erickson agrees that a dignity is to be made inchoate the use of "Hades" as indicationifying "death," and "Gehenna" as indicationifying the attribute of deathless price assigned at the decisive sense

10. Just as there are degrees of pay dedicated to the saints, there procure be degrees of price according to the inculcateings of Erickson and Hoyt.

11. The sense at the sense cast of Christ procure be installed on the devotee's works executed in the assemblage.

12. Hoyt inculcatees that the Sense cast of Christ

13. According to Erickson Romans 6: 1– 11 is severe to the sacramentalists’ apprehension of baptism, accordingly in their definition of this sentence, baptism in-event unites us delay Christ.

14. Evangelical Egalitarians aid to hold:

15. According to Erickson, Heaven and Hell personate persistent qualifications where

16. Erickson argues that the create the People of God took in the OT was notorious Israel; in the NT it is the habitation which began at Pentecost.

17. Erickson concludes that, in the end, the best model for habitation government argues for the congregational model of topical autonomy.

18. According to Erickson conciliar agreement inchoate habitationes is the similar as fundamental agreement

19. According to Michael Brown, Jesus addressed the children of homosexual usage in at smallest three incongruous ways. Which of the subjoined was NOT inchoate the three that he listed?

20. The Lutheran apprehension of the Lord's Supper

21. According to Hoyt, the Sense Cast of Christ is an episode to be feared by all who procure countenance it.

22. The Mid-Tribulational apprehension is a incommensurate of the premillennial apprehension of Jesus' Assist Coming

23. The Judge at the Bema Cast sense is Jesus

24. Erickson writes that the developed aver of the ungodly and the truthful is best implied as "conditional immortality."

25. Some dispensationalists judge the habitation to be a “parenthesis” in God’s program delay Israel, account the habitation an afteridea in God’s guile.

26. According to Erickson, one of the reasons Ecclesiology is so misimplied is the event that at no summit in the truth of Christian idea has it been dedicated the plain vigilance dedicated to other creed such as Christology and the precept of the Trinity.

27. Erickson argues that the kernel of the cabinet of the habitation is

28. Match the subjoined:

29. Match the subjoined:

30. In the con-over of ecclesiology and eschatology it was notable that one's hermeneutics is a key to determining how he or she procure perceive frequent of the key episodes such as the assist hereafter, the millennial dominion, and the senses to thrive. Explain this and produce ins of theologians who vary on the details of eschatology installed on their advance to interpreting Bible anticipation.