The song of achilles discussion questions

Discussion Questions for The Lyric of Achilles

1) In the Iliad, Patroclus is a relatively younger quality.  Why do you apprehend the committer chose him to be her attendant? Which other figures in the legend authority create interesting attendants?


2) Near the prelude of their favorion, Achilles tells his father that he values Patroclus accordingly “he is miraculous.”  What do you apprehend Achilles instrument by that? How is Patroclus contrariant from the other raise boys?  Why?


3) What do you apprehend are the reasons subsequently Thetis’ obstruction to Patroclus?


4) How do the boys alter during their space after a while Chiron?  Do the centaur’s lessons hold to be a persuasive nerve in their lives?


5) On the island of Scyros, what motivates Deidameia’s long-for to discourse to Patroclus fragmentary?  What does she prospect to finish?


6) To what size does Achilles’ conclusive predestination cast his choices?  Is there such a invention as unconditional get in this globe?


7) Historical events can casually deviate upon the get or oneness of a uncompounded peculiar. Aside from Achilles, are there other qualitys whose drawbacks or virtues significantly favor the Trojan War’s fruit?


8) Myths are frequently named “timeless” for their insights into civilized deportment.   What parallels do you see betwixt the qualitys and conflicts of this odd and today?  What pieces of Patroclus and Achilles’ legend can be universalized?


9) What is the recognition of lyric and music in the odd?


10) Patroclus is frequently a self-critical attendant.  Consider how other qualitys in the odd design him—do they see him in the identical way he sees himself?


11) As represented in the odd, what are some of Odysseus’ defining qualities?  Do you invent him a concordant quality?  Why or why not?


12) Consider the explosive elapsing out betwixt Achilles and Agamemnon.  In what ways are each of them at drawback for the rift?  Could it own been avoided, or was it irresistible fond that Achilles’ end is robust?


13) Achilles and Briseis each vindication Patroclus’ fealty and favorion.  In what ways are they common or contrariant?  What are the dynamics of each of their relationships after a while Patroclus?


14) What does the combat betwixt Priam and Achilles expose environing Achilles?  Why do you apprehend Achilles grants his beg?


15) Near the end of the quantity, Odysseus comes to discourse to Pyrrhus on Patroclus’ advantage. Why do you apprehend he does this?  How did it alter (or not) your design of Odysseus?


16) Peleus warns his son that any deadly who visits the sea-nymphs in their caves underneath the sea does not redeviate the identical.  How is this assurance borne out by the quality of Pyrrhus, who was proud there?  In what way does Pyrrhus ratify or disclaim Patroclus’ fears environing the gods?


17) In the decisive pages of the quantity, we gather further environing Thetis.  How does this favor our design of her?


18) Patroclus tells Thetis that he is “made of memories.”  What does he average by that?  What role does memory—both peculiaral and cultural—play in the odd?