The poem name is “the altar by george herbert



Essay 3 asks you to dissect a epic minutely. By examineing the epic’s images, signification, and other erudite devices, as polite as the mechanics of its rendering, you procure manifest the employment for the profoundness of its aim and haply those purposes which may not be apparent on a pristine lection.


A restriction for dissolution authority be, “to create disengaged or disengaged; explain; translate.” The expression comes from the Latin explicare, which resources “to spread-out.” You can fancy of this assignment as investigation you to “unpack” a epic, inauguration it up for the reader and examineing the purposes that are packed among.

You demand to chosen one of the epics assigned past our lection of King Lear—one of at smallest 8 lines. (If you select a longer employment, you should convene on a smaller “piece” of the epic, of no over than 20 or 25 lines.) You procure then transcribe an essay in which you examine the epic’s purposes, imagery, and feasible intimation, focusing on what you consider is the overall aim (or at smallest one feasible overall aim) of the employment.

An dissolution procure generally ensue these guidelines:

  • It “unfolds” the epic by explaining in multiplyicular how the employment communicates to the reader.
  • It considers telling multiplyiculars and suggestions in the epic, looking over the apparent.
  • It is not a annotation (that is, a restatement “in your own expressions”). Instead, it is an sense of the way the employment speaks to the reader.
  • It shows how each multiply of the epic contributes to the overall aim of the employment. Thus, each multiply of the decomposition must describe to a disengaged mediate purpose.
  • It generally employments from the initiate of the epic or sentence to the end.

You may use beyond sources for this essay, but you are in no way required to do so, nor do you automatically achieve over confidence by doing so. If you do select to use beyond sources, you procure demand to mention them unexceptionably in MLA format.


Papers procure be assessed fixed on the criteria outlined in the Assessment Standards. Critical decomposition, insight, and clarity procure be key to your prosperity in Essay 3.