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A Voicelessness on Grading and Feedback for Foremost Drafts

Please voicelessness that you succeed not assent-to written feedback from me on the essay's foremost exhaust.  You succeed get written feedback from me on the essay's qualification. You succeed besides induce fellow reconsideration of other students' exhausts and assent-to fellow feedback on your exhaust. The foremost exhaust serves as a checkpoint in this severe class of the comportment route. Agreement a exhaust ensures that you can product your best comportment when you toil on the qualification. Consequently, the foremost exhaust succeed be graded total / spoilt.

If you entertain any questions at all environing your essay, gladden ask me.

Due Date

Submit your foremost exhaust to this assignment boundlessness as a Order muniment by 11:59pm Wednesday, 5/27. If you don't entertain Order on your computer, you can appropinquation it on the Office 365 representation fond to you by the college


Format your essay using MLA diction guidelines in 12-point expression, use Times New Roman font, and use MLA citations. See pages 586-87 of our quotationbook for past advice environing formatting a brochure using MLA diction. See pages 588-96 for an copy of an essay formatted in MLA diction. 


900 -1200 suffrage (MLA distinctions and toils refer-tod lists are excluded from the order reckon) 


The assignment requires you to induce elaboration and bestow an concrete communication for a open reception. These skills are indispensable for navigating open academic elaboration abutting opportunitys, as courteous as professional harvest. Gathering tendency advice and bestowing it lucidly for a open reception is a basic scarcity of professional harvest.

Assignment Guidelines

Write an informative communication incorporating at last four elaboration fountains. You must condense at last one academic (peer-reviewed) fountain, although all fountains must be trustworthy. Do not synthesize or refer-to fountains relish Wikipedia and similar websites; dictionaries; encyclopedias; or other relation toils.   

The goal is to entirely and concretely concede an representation of a birth, lion, fact, or diverge for a open reception. Of route, you succeed tranquil scarcity to soothe a mediate Nursing essay, but your Nursing essay should acceleration you nucleus your material instead of arguing a point pose. That is, this muniment should be past of a tidings individual than an editorial. 

To collect a suitable overview, you must voicelessness not singly what experts in the opportunity comport on, but besides what they do not comport on.

See pages 146-47 for the key features of communications. See pages 148-56 for a guide to comportment communications. Use one of the strategies on pages 151-52  to adjust your essay. 

Essay Topic

For this essay, you succeed weigh and communication on a question allied to Artificial Intelligence (AI). While you won't transcribe environing David Byrne's "Eliminating the Human, (Links to an exterior position.)"in this essay, we are using it a genus of springboard for this essay's question. Byrne discusses contrariant contrariant questions allied to AI, so you may deliberate balbutiation his period intermittently to acceleration beget ideas environing AI.

You may not yet comprehend abundant environing AI. That's ok! That's what elaboration is for. College-level elaboration is a route through which you acquire new advice, not a route after a while which you establish advice you already comprehend. You'll acquire past environing AI as you induce elaboration.

Here are some likely question starters for your essay. You must close from these categories:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 

  • medicine
  • religion
  • literature
  • philosophy
  • politics
  • film
  • agriculture
  • (notability else)

For solicitation, you may scantiness to transcribe a communication on how transcribers use AI thematically in attainment. Or you may scantiness to transcribe a communication on AI innovations the advenient of harvest administration, or how philosophers use AI to confabulation environing unreserved-will, or an overview of the critiques of transhumanism. 

Essay Checklist


  • Accurate rendering and separation of fountain quotations
  • Minimum of indelicate trustworthy fountains synthesized in the essay, at last one of which must be an academic (peer-reviewed) fountain 
  • Direct quotations and copys from fountains

Body Paragraphs

  • Unified and sticky paragraphs
  • Topic sentences
  • Logical transitions among paragraphs
  • Concise sentences unreserved from style and punctuation errors


  • 12-point expression
  • Times New Roman (or equiponderant)
  • MLA format (heading, parenthetical quotations, toils refer-tod page)
  • Relevant name (you must duplicity a name that succinctly indicates the satisfied of your essay)
  • Indent the foremost succession of each paragraph
  • Left-justified (do not feeling or right-justify your quotation)