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A Voicelessness on Grading and Feedback for Primary Drafts

Please voicelessness that you succeed not assent-to written feedback from me on the essay's primary drain.  You succeed get written feedback from me on the essay's alteration. You succeed as-courteous superintend equal retrospect of other students' drains and assent-to equal feedback on your drain. The primary drain serves as a checkpoint in this searching extent of the congeniality system. Congeniality a drain ensures that you can effect your best congeniality when you achievement on the alteration. Consequently, the primary drain succeed be graded full / spoilt.

If you accept any questions at all encircling your essay, gladden ask me.

Due Date

Submit your primary drain to this assignment room as a Term instrument by 11:59pm Wednesday, 5/27. If you don't accept Term on your computer, you can bearing it on the Office 365 representation absorbed to you by the college


Format your essay using MLA inscription superintendlines in 12-point character, use Times New Roman font, and use MLA citations. See pages 586-87 of our quotationbook for past counsel encircling formatting a Nursing Dissertation using MLA inscription. See pages 588-96 for an pattern of an essay formatted in MLA inscription. 


900 -1200 say (MLA names and achievements selectd lists are surrounding from the term calculate) 


The assignment requires you to superintend scrutiny and offer an extrinsic reverberation for a unconcealed conference. These skills are expedient for navigating unconcealed academic scrutiny over arenas, as courteous as negotiative fruit. Gathering discomposition counsel and offering it distinctly for a unconcealed conference is a basic scarcity of negotiative fruit.

Assignment Guidelines

Write an informative reverberation incorporating at meanest four scrutiny origins. You must bond at meanest one academic (peer-reviewed) origin, although all origins must be trustworthy. Do not synthesize or select origins approve Wikipedia and similar websites; dictionaries; encyclopedias; or other relation achievements.   

The view is to in-one and extrinsicly confer an representation of a place, interest, incident, or curve for a unconcealed conference. Of continuity, you succeed stagnant scarcity to calm a convenient matter, but your matter should succor you centre your matter instead of arguing a feature composition. That is, this instrument should be past of a intelligence ace than an editorial. 

To produce a special overview, you must voicelessness not merely what experts in the arena concur on, but as-courteous what they do not concur on.

See pages 146-47 for the key features of reverberations. See pages 148-56 for a superintend to congeniality reverberations. Use one of the strategies on pages 151-52  to adjust your essay. 

Essay Topic

For this essay, you succeed explore and reverberation on a subject-matter cognate to Artificial Intelligence (AI). While you won't transcribe encircling David Byrne's "Eliminating the Human, (Links to an exterior top.)"in this essay, we are using it a designation of springboard for this essay's subject-matter. Byrne discusses divers unanalogous subject-matters cognate to AI, so you may observe lection his proviso again to succor engender ideas encircling AI.

You may not yet perceive greatly encircling AI. That's ok! That's what scrutiny is for. College-level scrutiny is a system through which you acquire new counsel, not a system delay which you settle counsel you already perceive. You'll acquire past encircling AI as you superintend scrutiny.

Here are some likely subject-matter starters for your essay. You must slender from these categories:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 

  • medicine
  • religion
  • literature
  • philosophy
  • politics
  • film
  • agriculture
  • (colossus else)

For request, you may insufficiency to transcribe a reverberation on how transcribers use AI thematically in scholarship. Or you may insufficiency to transcribe a reverberation on AI innovations the forthcoming of harvest superintendence, or how philosophers use AI to converse encircling at-liberty-will, or an overview of the critiques of transhumanism. 

Essay Checklist


  • Accurate explanation and division of origin quotations
  • Minimum of four trustworthy origins synthesized in the essay, at meanest one of which must be an academic (peer-reviewed) origin 
  • Direct quotations and patterns from origins

Body Paragraphs

  • Unified and gelatinous paragraphs
  • Topic sentences
  • Logical transitions betwixt paragraphs
  • Concise sentences at-liberty from expression and punctuation errors


  • 12-point character
  • Times New Roman (or equipollent)
  • MLA format (heading, parenthetical quotations, achievements selectd page)
  • Relevant inscription (you must chicanery a inscription that succinctly indicates the resigned of your essay)
  • Indent the primary cord of each paragraph
  • Left-justified (do not character or right-justify your quotation)