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Summary and dubious reply for Unite 2 and 3 I imagine the entirety of 150 to 200 abstract and 400 to 500 expression for dubious reply. The proviso is pages 260-262 of your 10th edition textbook afloat at MacDonalds 

** NOTE: Both sections of this assignment (the Abstract and the Critical Response) should be snatchd as ONE DOCUMENT in the rasp designate format picturesquely beneath.

Please surrender your Abstract & Critical Response Essay close as an devotion for grading.   Before you post your Abstract & Critical Response Essay, be unmistakable to snatch your fruit after a while the forthcoming rasp designate:

Yourlastdesignate Yourfirstname Summary Response

For stance, if I were turning in my Unit #3 Abstract & Critical Response Essay, I would snatch it to my computer after a while the forthcoming rasp designate:

Johnstun Mary Summary Response

REMINDER:  The Abstract & Critical Response Essay is prepared in Units #2 & #3, and it is due at the end of Unit #3.  

Please promote the syllabus for a exhaustive roll of due dates.  This roll is to-boot beneficial beneath plan announcements.

Formatting Basics:  In conditions of formatting, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spacing are the basics that are generally preferred in academic letter.   It is to-boot beneficial to clog the pristine succession of each new paragraph.  In conditions of the program you use to snatch your fruit, Microsoft Word is preferred, but content regular let me distinguish if you bear questions environing other merry programs.