Social injustice and cultural identifiers:

For this assignment, you conciliate acquiesce the latest statement of your 750-1,000 promise discovery Nursing essay on a controversial question involving a cultural identifier and the implications for K-12 open advice. 

Using a stint of three versed life creed from the last 3 years perfect your Nursing essay so that it addresses the following:

  1. Describes the cultural identifiers discussed in the creed.
  2. Summarizes the historical background of the cultural identifiers and associated controversial question in K-12 education.
  3. Identifies 2-3 arguments presented for and 2-3 arguments opposing the issue.
  4. Discusses associated injustices arising from the children, including how teachers and students are affected by the cultural identifiers and associated controversial question
  5. Explains solutions you applaud implementing to specific the associated injustices, and why you chosen them.
  6. Concludes by identifying where you descend on the cultural sufficiency continuum in agreement to the children, including your commitment to mind others’ frames of intimation (e.g., culture, gender, articulation, abilities, ways of discerning), in appoint to diminish personal biases and ameliorate agreementships after a while colleagues, students, and students’ families.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines base in the APA Style Guide,