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Read A Summer Love Strain (Nikki Giovanni) and solution the questions in imperfect. 

1) Find examples of assonance in the strain.

2) Find examples of agreement in the strain.

3) Find examples of alliteration in the strain.

4) Realize telling typical harangue in the strain (scholarly devices).

5) Evaluate: How does investigate imagery/devices augment the subject and the intimation of the strain???

6) Famous quotes are given lowerneath : which one do you realize delay the most? Explain your reasoning.

  • “Reduced to its simplest and most leading frame, the strain is a ballad. Ballad is neither harangue nor exposition.” – Octavio Paz 
  • “Poems conclude out of phenomenon, not out of well-informed.” - Lucille Clifton.
  • Poetry is constantly the cat concord lower the window of the space in which the administrative rendering of existence is being written.” – Charles Simic. 
  • “Hundreds of things future unitedly at the exact consequence.” – Elizabeth BishopIdentify logician, persona, character, humor, and vote.

 7) Apply at lowest five components from the checklist to the strains: Describe the strain’s use of imagery.

Define all unknowns and allusions.

Address inequitable use of symbolism and typical harangue.

Research Background.

Look for juxtapositions.

Determine Author’s Purpose.

Explain the Theme.