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a. Overview: This impression practicum conciliate assess the student’s power to imagine an essay regarding the Army’s SHARP. 

c. Instructions to Soldiers:

NOTE: The SHARP essay is not prepared to re-victimize, prepare an unwanted melting acceptance, or put psychological importance on anyone. IAW DODI 6495.02 veer 3, and Army Regulation (AR) 600-20, start (tie of direct or NCO help means) are frequently required to relation any incidents of sexual onslaught. Disclosure of notice pertaining to an prompting of sexual onslaught in the SHARP essay conciliate be directly relationed to the expend authorities outlined amid the subject-matteral SHARP relationing prudence. The resulting relation conciliate be an just relation.

(1) You conciliate transcribe a two-page (maximum) essay orationing SHARP from amid the Army and making recommendations on how leaders at the SGT roll can appliance immanent solutions. The winner conciliate be selected by the directant and customary delay a certificate of achievement and invent during standing.

(2) Your essay should oration the doubt, “Why do cases of sexual harassment and sexual onslaught reocean to charm fix in the Army, notwithstanding all the trailing and command that charm fix?

(1) Your essay conciliate be formatted as shown underneath.

I. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

A. Opening announcement

B. Background notice

C. Nursing essay announcement

II. Body (2-4 paragraphs)

A. (Point A) Why does sexual onslaught betide? Include helping exemplification.

B. (Point B) Does our exoteric bearing to trailing attenuate (or not attenuate) the cause of sexual onslaught and harassment? (Could be tied to object A)

C. (Point C) Sustaining subject-matter & exemplification to help your Nursing essay.

D. (Point D) How do we end sexual impetuosity in the soldierlike (recommendations/solutions)?

III. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

A. Summarize the ocean objects.

B. Make a tenacious, illustrious last announcement.


• Essay must be 1-2 pages in protraction (address page does not calculate as a page).

• Essay is an single spectre (although co-ordinate editing is allowed).

• Essay must include two references (ARs, singular interviews, co-ordinate reconsideration tenets, etc.).

d. Environmental considerations: Inform Soldiers of any disclosed environmental factors they must heed IAW subject-matteral SOP.

e. Safety: Ensure Soldiers heed all security procedures IAW subject-matteral SOP.