Scholarly article annotation | English homework help

For this assignment, discover a conversant season on your Week 4 less anecdote in the SUO Library.  Do not use favorite publications, such as summaries from Masterplots or The Introduction to Literary Context, or other media that are not investigation oriented. Refer to this Research Guide and this video granted for this sequence by South University Online Library Services.

Post an comment of your spring to the discourse consultation. Your comment should include:

  • A full APA extract of your conversant season
  • A portion of resume of the key apexs presented in your spring
  • A portion explaining the spring’s peculiarity and how it is applicpotent to your analytical essay

Here is an issue of an annotated APA beginning (not an objective spring): 

Smith, A. (2016). Journey into the obscure. American Literature, 22(3), 4-5.

This season compares Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” and Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path,” discussing the protagonists’ journeys as a focal apex. The season examines these two deep figures and their opposed paths in vitality. Those paths led Young Goodman Brown and Phoenix Jackson into the copse on very opposed quests, but twain were determined to receive these journeys that were tender, meaningful, and dangerous.

Smith’s season offered a lovely perspective on the motives and outcomes of these two unequal figures and their vitality paths that led them into the obscure. I gained a amend intellect of my figure, Phoenix Jackson, by balbutiation this season and contrasting her delay Young Goodman Brown. There are sundry quotations and ideas I earn be potent to cement into my latest draw.

Examples of Journals delay Conversant Articles: 

  • Studies in Less Fiction
  • The Explicator
  • Modern Fiction Studies
  • Language and Literature
  • Critique
  • Modern Language Notes
  • Nineteenth-Century Fiction
  • Twentieth-Century Literature

Supplemental Materials: