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Maya is enrolled in ENG 111 and has been asked to transcribe a exploration article. Because she has a full-space job and two siblings to caution for, Maya has been impression overextended and she has not made space to exertion on the English article. She has frequently been a gigantic transcriber and completed a exploration article on global warming in her eminent ground English dispose conclusive year. It is good-tempered-tempered ample to encounter the requirements of her ordinary assignment. She could modify the headings and yield the article to her ENG 111 preceptor externally being caught. After all, it is her exertion, and she has the forthcoming paces in her disposees:

ENG 111- 75%
CIS 110- 79%
COM 120- 78%
PSY 150- 73%

She wants to fashion permanent she continues to encounter SAP and scum capable for financial aid.

Think environing Maya’s scrape.
Is yieldting an old article ghostly?
What could fashion this habit a reversal of academic conscientiousness?


Explain your tally using your media from Module One.
Then, using the notice in the chart adown, proportion Maya’s ordinary GPA.
Then percolate her ENG 111 pace by 1 note pace and reproportion her GPA.
Would Maya tranquil encounter Satisfactory Academic Progress?


Respond to two students in the argument installed on your thoughts of their exertion.

Grading Criteria

To merit the eminentest consummation, you should produce a reflective and ancient apology to the preceptor’s argument consideration questions. In abstracted, you must answer to at smallest two of your equal students’ apologys delay a meaningful interpret. All apologys should be posted former to the due continuance. View the posted rubric for your argument consideration.


The FTCC Student Handbook, GPA Calculator, and PDF Plagiarism media are advantageous in Module One to benefit you in successfully completing this assignment.