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u Exercise #1: Spirited Summary

After balbutiation the essay by Orenstein, “I Tweet, Therefore I Am” you earn transcribe a spirited tabulation for this essay. A spirited tabulation is not a recap of the essay. Rather, your spirited tabulation should include the doer, inscription of the operation, give the greater claims of the essay, and deliberate the doer’s calculated reception and scope. This assignment should teach that you are exploring the larger implications of the fancys. For illustration, what does the quotation say that others may not be cognizant of? The spirited tabulation should be 150-175 expression (minimum) for each essay.   The tabulation besides is to be in MLA format.  See RFW, pg. 410 and contemplate at the tabulation illustration posted on Moodle.


In letter a spirited tabulation, ask yourself the subjoined questions:


  • What is the doer’s calculated scope in letter this essay?
  • Who is the doer’s reception? Why is he/she deliberateing this feature reception?
  • Who is the doer of this essay? Do his/her beliefs parade in this essay?
  • What is the contrast of this essay? What was going on (socially, politically, etc.) at the date timeliness this essay was life written?
  • What peels of spirited urge or urges is this quotation making? Remember: ethos, tenderness, and logos.
  • What peel of talk does the doer use? Is the fashion dignified, vague, or academic? Does the doer use sardonicism? Humor?


Also, recall a tabulation should keep the subjoined elements as well-mannered-mannered (see RFW):

n  A tabulation restates the deep fancy of a quotation in compendious conditions.

n  Much shorter than the original

n  Use your own expression and phrasing

n  You can use an doer’s characteristic expression or phrases, but do so after a while peculiar citations

n  Be external in giveing the doer’s deep points.  Do NOT include your impression of those fancys.