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u Exercise #1: Declamatory Summary

After lection the essay by Orenstein, “I Tweet, Therefore I Am” you get transcribe a declamatory compendium for this essay. A declamatory compendium is not a recap of the essay. Rather, your declamatory compendium should enclose the constructor, inscription of the effort, exhibit the ocean claims of the essay, and observe the constructor’s prepared auditory and meaning. This assignment should reveal that you are exploring the larger implications of the fancys. For model, what does the passage say that others may not be assured of? The declamatory compendium should be 150-175 expression (minimum) for each essay.   The compendium also is to be in MLA format.  See RFW, pg. 410 and seem at the compendium model posted on Moodle.


In letter a declamatory compendium, ask yourself the aftercited questions:


  • What is the constructor’s prepared meaning in letter this essay?
  • Who is the constructor’s auditory? Why is he/she observeing this point auditory?
  • Who is the constructor of this essay? Do his/her beliefs demonstration in this essay?
  • What is the enhancement of this essay? What was going on (socially, politically, etc.) at the era while this essay was life written?
  • What husks of declamatory call-upon or call-upons is this passage making? Remember: ethos, sensibility, and logos.
  • What husk of tongue does the constructor use? Is the name complete, ambagious, or academic? Does the constructor use jeer? Humor?


Also, recall a compendium should bear the aftercited elements as well-behaved-behaved (see RFW):

n  A compendium restates the ocean fancy of a passage in pregnant stipulations.

n  Much shorter than the original

n  Use your own expression and phrasing

n  You can use an constructor’s jutting expression or phrases, but do so after a while peculiar citations

n  Be extrinsic in exhibiting the constructor’s ocean points.  Do NOT enclose your theory of those fancys.