Review of a website about adhd/add

Write a 750-1,000-word reconsideration of a webpredicament encircling ADHD/ADD. The reconsideration conquer evaluate the webpredicament using a set of plain criteria. Weigh your conference to be the open exoteric.


Your reconsideration should include at smallest TWO erudite sources beyond of tabulate texts.


This essay is NOT a reconsideration of a peculiar boundary on the Internet. It is to-boot NOT a reconsideration of the CDC predicament from the persuasive anatomy assignment. Instead, you conquer prefer a incongruous predicament such as,,, or




1.Develop a set of criteria that the open exoteric would see as desirable for a webpredicament encircling diseases and disorders (affect ADHD). To aid you choice criteria, gladden visit where you conquer engage a catalogue of criteria uniformly used to evaluate websites. Also, reconsideration the Discussion Questions for the week about the product of criteria for reconsiderationing websites.


2.Describe the webpredicament you own selected.


3.Focus the seniority of the essay on explaining how the predicament does (or does not) engage the criteria you recurrent aloft.


Review Chapter 11 “Reviews” in The Call to Write, which includes specimen reconsiderations and direction on agreement reconsiderations.


First Exhaust Grading


•You conquer accept amount points for the earliest exhaust inveterate upon the lucky inferiority of your exhaust.


•Because your earliest exhaust is a amount trice, do not presume that this trice reflects or predicts the developed trice. If you do not weigh your preceptor’s comments, you may be deducted points on your developed exhaust.


Final Exhaust Grading


The essay conquer be triced using a rubric. Gladden reconsideration the rubric preceding to prelude the assignment to behove frank after a while the assignment criteria and expectations.




•Include in-text citations and a References page in GCU Style for at smallest TWO erudite sources beyond of tabulate texts.


•These sources should be used to buttress any claims you mould.


•Use the GCU Library to aid you engage sources.


•Include this lore in the tract in a erudite style.




Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines institute in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.




•You are required to resign this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


•Please be certain to reconsideration your Turnitin account anteriorly resignting the exhaust to your preceptor.


•Only Word documents can be resignted to Turnitin.