Research and do a annotated bibliography

First, to adequate the warning repute, you demand to persuade some attached in-depth discovery encircling the upshot (causes, influence, statistics, liability/costs) AND methods to oration/remedy/prevent the upshot.

In arrange to fix attached discovery encircling the upshot and how to oration it, persuade a Boolean exploration via the Monroe College Library electronic factsbases to fix at smallest 4 well-informed or employment chronicle doctrines (should be adequated for Assignment 1 in Week 4) AND 3 Internet springs that sift-canvass the upshot and methods to oration the upshot.

For all of the springs it allure demand to be formatted differently, to fit the criteria for an APA formatted Annotated Bibliography.

Finally, plan an annotated bibliography in APA format, so that the pedagogue can evaluate your springs for the warning repute. The Annotated Bibliography should involve a abstract of the discovery ground, in your own say, the adequate APA formatted Reference listing, the in-text citation for the spring, and a judgment or two stating where you agency be using the instruction amid your repute. (local individuality).

1- Click on the files in the Week 4 Content to avenue your Nursing Dissertation notes.

2- Persuade a Boolean exploration via the Monroe College Library electronic factsbases AND the Internet to fix your facts for the repute. (there should be a sum of 7 springs)

3- Judgment this video on how to discover a well-informed chronicle word.

4- After you accept fixd and discover your facts for the warning repute you are discovery to originate an annotated bibliography in APA format. (click on the cognate files to judgment a illustration annotated bibliography and a grading rubric).

5- Judgment the videos for control on answerableness the annotated bibliography.

6- Judgment the tutorial for the APA citation generator website, THEN scrutinize the website to originate the citations for the annotated bibliography.