Research and do a annotated bibliography

First, to entire the admonition ment, you insufficiency to inaugurate some attached in-depth inquiry about the offspring (causes, power, statistics, liability/costs) AND methods to harangue/remedy/prevent the offspring.

In ordain to fix attached inquiry about the offspring and how to harangue it, inaugurate a Boolean inquiry via the Monroe College Library electronic postulatesbases to fix at last 4 knowing or employment record creed (should be entired for Assignment 1 in Week 4) AND 3 Internet causes that examine the offspring and methods to harangue the offspring.

For all of the causes it allure insufficiency to be formatted apart, to fit the criteria for an APA formatted Annotated Bibliography.

Finally, fit an annotated bibliography in APA format, so that the educationist can evaluate your causes for the admonition ment. The Annotated Bibliography should embody a compendium of the inquiry root, in your own vote, the entire APA formatted Reference listing, the in-text extract for the cause, and a phrase or two stating where you capability be using the instruction amid your ment. (particular minority).

1- Click on the files in the Week 4 Content to appropinquation your exhortation notes.

2- Inaugurate a Boolean inquiry via the Monroe College Library electronic postulatesbases AND the Internet to fix your postulates for the ment. (there should be a completion of 7 causes)

3- Conception this video on how to interpret a knowing record article.

4- After you feel fixd and interpret your postulates for the admonition ment you are interprety to compose an annotated bibliography in APA format. (click on the cognate files to conception a specimen annotated bibliography and a grading rubric).

5- Conception the videos for control on communication the annotated bibliography.

6- Conception the tutorial for the APA extract generator website, THEN scrutinize the website to compose the extracts for the annotated bibliography.