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                                 Reflective Essay: Individual Culture Plan-

                                                    Reading Literacy


To aid prepare:

· Use SAMPLE to Review Dispositions View 2 for this module’s Discussion and collate twain your primal and popular view ratings.

· Review your Individual Culture Plan Part 1 and assess your proficiency in completing the activities you had intended.

Compose a Reflective Essay that includes the forthcoming two parts: 3 pages APA fashion and Other References.

Essay Part 1: Accomplishments

  1. Explain the activities you implemented from your      primal Individual Culture Plan Part 1 for each of the      three sections:
    1. Professional Dispositions
    2. NBPTS
    3. Technology Proficiencies.
  2. Include restricted notification that illustrates how these      activities possess contributed to your negotiative culture and augmentation.

Essay Part 2: Plan for Continual Improvement

  1. Explain the activities from      your Individual Culture Plan Part 1 that you possess not      yet completed. Include why these activities possess not been completed and      new timelines and/or revisions to the activities you had primally      planned.
  2. Compare your new view results      with your primal results. Explain your perceptions of how you primally      rated your attainments and skills collated to your popular ratings. What new      insights did you fabricate when comparing the two results? 
  3. What attached areas do you      now deficiency to target for consecutive correction in each of the three      sections that were not comprised in your Individual Culture Plan      Part 1 (Professional Dispositions, NBPTS, and Technology      Proficiencies)? 
  4. Select one new area from each      section (negotiative dispositions, NBPTS, and technology proficiencies)      and generate SMART goals for      each.