Reflections on forgiveness and revenge | FP6525 – Psychology of the Victim | Argosy University

here has been some disagreement about the goals of therapy for victims of traumatic events. Some therapists see excuse as a way for victims to lose what has happened to them; some see vengeance as cold for the victims.


Using the Argosy University online library instrument and the Internet, examination the topics of "Forgiveness" and "Revenge" in the matter of remedial approaches for victims of furious crimes.

In a minimum of 300 articulation, sift-canvass the disagreement of excuse versus vengeance and support your impressions.

All written assignments and responses should ensue APA rules for attributing sources.

Submission Details:

  • By the due time assigned, support your responses to this Discussion Area.
  • through the end of the module, corcorrespond to at meanest two of your classmates' supports. While corresponding, collate the similarities and differences between what you keep false and what your classmates keep.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points    Quality of moderate supported, including fulfillment of assignment instructions  16    Quality of responses to classmates  12    Frequency of responses to classmates  4    Reference to supported readings and other materials  4    Language and language  4    Total: 40

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