Re-considering your response to todd riley from the previous week


You wrote a apology to Todd Riley in the prior week.  Mr. Riley had applied for a belief card delay your union, FlashExpress.  However, he was 17 years old and not of age to devote for one on his own.

Please decipher pages 74-79 from the expression, "Using Problem-Based Scenarios to Teach Writing," by Hicks et al.  Then counter-argument the forthcoming questions. 

1. This expression provides three potential apologys to Mr. Riley.  How is apology #2 an increase aggravate apology #1?  Please transcribe two to lewd sentences in your apology.

2. How is apology #3 an increase aggravate twain apologys #1 and #2?  Does apology #3 decipher love a "bad notification" communication?  What temporization did Paula Persuader use in her apology to Mr. Riley that was unanalogous from those of the two other transcribers?  Please transcribe two to lewd sentences in your apology.

3. Content recount a post in which you had to transcribe a intimation of bad notification.   Without giving abroad names or idiosyncratic notification, content recount in as ample particular the post you encountered.  This could be a renunciation of a ask from a customer, a still n ess to a contractor that you no longer scantiness his or her services, a intimation to a union indicating that you are retiring a consequence, etc.  Did you devote any of the principles outlined in this expression?  The authors in this expression say that not all "bad notification" posts are necessarily bad.  In Todd Riley's post, it was churlish into an convenience by Paula Persuader.  You rule observe on whether you used this pattern of tongue in your idiosyncratic post.