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Think environing the 21st Century Authoritative Development frameproduction and technology when afloat in your mimic authoritative culture fraternity. Next, think your narrate legislatures enjoy asked the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office to admonish them touching the myth of a blended authoritative culture fraternity despite the districts amid the narrate. As an pedagogue who is well-mannered-mannered acquainted in employing exact thinking, gist solving and 21st-century skills in the classroom, you enjoy been selected to join-in after a while a collocation of other teachers to edify and incite the Analyst’s Office of why the detachment of technology to production collaboratively after a while other teachers in the narrate is considerable.

  • Question 1: Discuss how you could solder and utensil the use of technology to constitute a blended authoritative culture fraternity despite districts amid your narrate to divide knowledge after a while colleague endowment on how a deeper knowledge of material stuff can really improve gist solving, exact thinking, and other 21st-century skills.

  • Question 2: Discuss how creating a authoritative culture fraternity can growth the ways teachers apprehend opportunities for integrating 21st-century skills, tools and instruction strategies into their classroom experience - and acceleration them establish what activities they can substitute or de-emphasize.