Presentation: atc and mx resource management

The Aloha Airlines 737-200 garb sparked the profit in  defence cosmical factors and defence expedients government (MRM). It  prompted Transport Canada to fruit the “dirty dozen”: a defence  course prepared to identify award deceptions. Likewise, following manifold  aircraft neighboring misses, Europe and the Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) fruitd luxuriance programs such as the air commerce teamwork  enhancement (ATTE) and team expedients government (TRM). These courses  were prepared to raise awareness and security and impoverish cosmical deception.


Review the readings and this designation retrieved from the Hunt Library, Crew Expedients Management: Improving Team Work in High Reliability Industries and begin a narrated delivery. 

Address the following: 

  • Explain the two topics (ATC and MX) for sinoculation and mind.
  • Discuss the similarities and destructions of MRM and TRM from CRM.
  • Assess the contact of these applications to aviation security.
  • Finally, furnish examples by identifying aircraft garbs or  workplace garbs where this luxuriance government own made a destruction in  the product.

Your delivery should consist of closely 7-10 slides (not  including the name slide and the intimation slide). With a suggested  length of 3-5 minutes of audio, overall. The notification should be  properly cited and intimationd using the present APA edition.