Pre-writing for essay on literature/ 1-2 pages/ homegoing/ summaries

Produce a 1-2 page Pre-congruity for a implicit 5-page essay for this innovating (Homegoing) - 12-HOURS TURNAROUND


Novel - Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi

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a. By congruity Homegoing, what literal veracitys is Yaa Gyasi hoping to divide delay readers?

b. In the treatment of the innovating, who do you reflect is over deceptive: the British, the Fante, or the Asante?

c. In Homegoing, why does Quey handle compelled to cloke the veracity encircling his sexual orientation?


Yaa Gyasi | 'When we use articulation enjoy 'institutionalized racism', what does that moderation?' - 

‘Homegoing’ raises impracticefficacious questions encircling the demise of submission - 

I’m Ghanaian-American. Am I Black? - Yaa Gyasi - 


Purpose: Students allure be efficacious to use their balbutiation, congruity,     critical reflecting, and scrutiny skills as they stir the thesis of veracity     and lies in Homegoing by Yaa     Gyasi.

Tone: The drift of this assignment should be stately and     academic.

Language: The phraseology and syntax of this assignment should be stately     and academic. Students should not use assist peculiar pronouns (you/your),     contractions, abbreviations, lingo, or any model of contingent discourse.     Students should attribute to the phraseology and syntax guidelines in the congruity     packet.

Audience: The parley of this assignment is the student’s peers     and preceptor.

Format: MLA fashion (enfold spaced, 1 in. margins, Times New     Roman 12 font, pagination, designation, name, tab for each paragraph, in-text     citations, Works Cited page, relative indents, etc.)



(Students should constitute a BRIEF sketch, picturesque organizer, or some other model of pre-congruity for their essay.)


I. Introduction

A. Device:

B. General discussion:

C. Cite + quotation + analysis:

D. Thesis statement:

Example of how it should be written


Financial urgency is a elder completion in today’s intercourse. In circumstance, the fabricator of one fountain formal that “___________________________________________________________________” (_________). This cite veritably shows how __________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________. I can veritably detail to this cite consequently _______________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________. This was a opposed space in my conduct, and I ___________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________. Many scrutinyers bear late considerefficacious space examining the manifestation of financial urgency. According to this scrutiny, financial urgency ___________________________________________


II. Body

A. Deep Idea:

B. Deep Idea:

C. Deep Idea:

III. Conclusion

A. Transition:

B. Device:

C. Cite + quotation + analysis:

D. Summary of deep ideas