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Position Paper Assignment #4

Human Service Workers are frequently faced delay the achievement of incorporeal misentry-making. When making these misentrys, they must be able to adequately subsistlihood the misentry that has been made. As we discussed in dispose this may claim them to advert to their jurisprudence of ethics, their agency’s policies and act manual, and the law. For this assignment, you achieve be fond a predicament examine, and you achieve want to suit to the questions that thrive the predicament. When suiting to the questions, you achieve want to advert to the extract, the jurisprudence of ethics, and at lowest one literary chronicle article beyond our order materials to aid you effect your misentry and inform subsistlihood for your posture. Your paper should be a restriction of 3 pages delay a acme of 5 pages, not including the inscription page and the advertence page. You are to-boot claimd to thrive APA format for this assignment, wrap interspace, and economize Times New Roman 12 purpose font.  Paper must comprise an preamble and misentry.

Case Study:

John tells his counselor that he proportioned set-up out he is terminally ill, has 6 months to subsist, and is seriously because limit his career.  His counselor, Ava, tells John that she is careful he may not feel all of the notice he wants to effect a misentry.  Ava asks him if he has a drawing.  She is worried environing his tender narrate and his power to effect a misentry.


1.      What are the incorporeal issues confused in this predicament? Advert to the extract and the NASW Jurisprudence of Ethics for direction.

2.      If John were your client, would you reference his self-determination, or would you wave him to pursuit for alternatives to suicide at this stage of career?  Why or why not?  Show how you would use the incorporeal principles shelter and order materials to subsistlihood your posture.

3.      As mentioned in dispose, it is likely that another provider could pick-out a opposed posture.  Using the incorporeal principles shelter and order materials, how could another provider conclude to a contrariant misentry?

4.      What pious, incorporeal, and ethical beliefs do you support that jurisdiction wave your achievement delay John?