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Washington DC: United States Supreme CourtOverview

In twain your textbook and minor materials you handle scholarly encircling how occurrences constitute it to the Supreme Court. In this discourse you conquer handle a fortune to appropriate a new occurrence from the 2014-2015 Supreme Court vocable, digest it, reckon past deeply encircling its practicable contact on politics/your own history and argue this contact after a while others. Not all of these occurrences handle been unwavering yet, so you may to-boot deficiency to confront out the status of the occurrence.

Getting Started

Step 1: Appropriate Your Case

Choose a occurrence that has either been unwavering or conquer be unwavering this vocable:

You can go to OYEZ.ORG 2014 Links to an visible top.cases for a roll of popular occurrences. If you career to exploration some of the occurrences that handle gotten a lot of comcompress newly, you are pleasant to appropriate one of these to exploration:

Step 2: Exploration Your Case

Find out the subjoined notice encircling your occurrence:

  • Has a resolution been made in your occurrence? If yes, what was that resolution? How multifarious Justices voted for/against the resolution? (The page for the occurrence you are explorationing on OYEZ.ORG (Links to an visible top.)Links to an visible top. conquer handle this notice – at the deep of the page you can to-boot see who voted for/against this as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as species by ideology).
  • What is the consequence being argueed? Digest the deep points.
  • What are the two sides of evidence? Digest those.
  • Why do you reckon this consequence this consequence is momentous? What contact could this handle? 
  • Do you reckon ideology contacted this occurrence? If so, how?

Some places to go to exploration past encircling your consequence:

Step: 3 Engender Your Dissection + Judgment Questions

Combine the notice you handle institute and engender a 300-400 account dissection and dissection of this consequence for your judicious column in your own accounts established on your exploration. If you are having difficulty after a while your despatches, you can get succor from PCC's online tutoring service (Links to an visible top.). Please do so before your judicious column due date! 


For your Initial Post due by Thursday 11:59 PM:

  1. Post your dissection of your time and the websites you got your notice from. Constitute unfailing to embrace a extract. For succor after a while extracts you can control out this PCC Extract pageCitations (Links to an visible top.).
  2. Create 1 or 2 judgment doubts encircling the time. These should be doubts that succor your classmates' reckon past deeply encircling the subject-matter and their own perspective. Such as: 
    1. If resolution is made .... , what do you reckon would fall?
    2. How should the open corcorrejoin to...?
    3. Why do you reckon...?
    4. How do you handle encircling...?

For your Response to at least 2 classmates due by Sunday, 11:59 PM:

  1. Ask for precipitation (that is, ask doubts) if deficiencyed.
  2. Respond to the judgment doubt making unfailing to allude to the notice in the time dissection and to add your own perspective.
  3. Please hush the discourse guidelines under. If there are subject-matters you may handle differing opinions on, it is calm?} momentous to reference each others' ideas and judgments!

Discussion Guidelines

Read and corcorrejoin to others' columns as well-mannered-behaved, care in opinion some basic rules for netiquette (Links to an visible top.)Links to an visible top.:

  • Be husk and referenceful to others
  • Use unmeasured sentences
  • Don't use too abundant jargon
  • Treat others online as you eagerness to be treated
  • Use speech that supports others