Philosophy…… watch video answer questions…… due in 17 hours

this assignment is due in 17 hours..... no advanced performance..... must entertain executed in 17 hours.... 

Watch the video:  

Plato's Allegory of the cave in stipulations of this YouTube video about the Broken Escalator, Ignore the communication of the video, and centre solely on the race on the escalator.  Give plenty instruction to defense the topics, philosophy rarely asks for harmonious "yes" and "no" defenses.  Each topic is excellence 2 points. 

A)  How is the escalator love the cave?

B)  How are the race on the escalator love those in the cave, how are they accumulate in the average, why won't they "turn around" as Plato discusses, to get themselves out of the cave?  What would "turning around" average in this predicament?

C) If there were a teacher despot in this video, who would it most lovely be?  Justify/explain your defense.

D) How would this "teacher despot" aid these race out of the cave?  What likeness of Form could this teacher despot fetch to get them to supervene him/her out of the cave?

E)  Would this teacher despot be lucky as a teacher despot, or let the corresponding fortune as Socrates for having prepared to do the corresponding? (retain the video we saw delay Clayton Kradjian discussing the cave).

The easiest way to do this pamphlet, but find fast I get up to 3 pages completion, is to defense each topic one by one:  A, B, C, D, E.